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Series ID 103038
English Title K
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Romaji Title K Project
Furigana Title ケイ
Japanese Title 「K」
Japanese Studio Name ゴーハンズ
English Studio Name GoHands
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags action, supernatural
Release Date
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Extra Info

Story & Information -

K is a 2012 anime series animated by the studio GoHands and directed by Shingo Suzuki, who also serves as the character designer for the series.
A manga prequel called K: Memory of Red , drawn by Yui Kuroe has been serialized since May 28, 2012. Another prequel manga, K: Stray Dog Story also began running on November 2012.
Furthermore, two light novels, called K Side:Blue and K Side:Red , were released in October and November 2012.

A contemporary Japan ruled by the seven kings and their clans.
An ordinary high school student, Isana Yashiro, while tasked with helping out with the school festival, was suddenly attacked by men with red aura, accused for shooting one of the members of the Red Clan, HOMURA, and being targeted by its members for revenge. Driven into a desperate situation, Yashiro was saved by Yatogami, the Black Hound , a highly skilled swordsman on a mission to hunt down Yashiro on behalf of his late King and master, Ichigen Miwa. To prove his "innocence" and uncover the enshrouded mystery, he is accompanied by Neko and Yatogami.

The producers also green lit seson 2 of the anime.



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Colorless King

Main Character

Yashiro Isana
Kuroh Yatogami


Anna Kushina


Ren Gotou
Daiki Fuse
Akira Hidaka
Niki Fushimi
Kousuke Fujishima
Tatsuya Enomoto
Andy Doumyouji
Saburouta Bandou
Eric Surt
Sumika Inaba
Sota Mishina
Chiho Hyuga
Yujiro Benzai
Claudia Weismann
Mikoto Suoh
Reishi Munakata
Seri Awashima
Saruhiko Fushimi
Izumo Kusanagi
Misaki Yata
Tatara Totsuka
Rikio Kumamoto
Kukuri Yukisome
Adolf K. Weismann
Kokujyouji Daikaku


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