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Monsuno: World Master | 47 hits

Monsuno: World Master Image
Series ID 103118
English Title Monsuno: World Master
Romaji Title Juusen Battle Monsuno
Furigana Title じゅうせんバトル モンスーノ
Japanese Title 獣旋バトル モンスーノ
Japanese Studio Name ラークスエンタテインメント
English Studio Name Jakks Pacific
Content Rating E - Everyone
Genre Tags action, sci-fi, adventure
Release Date
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Monsuno: World Master

Story & Information -

Chase Suno wakes one morning to find his scientist father, Jeredy Suno...gone. A legendary scientist, Jeredy had solved a timeless mystery: What happened to the dinosaurs? He discovered their destruction was by shell-like cocoons barraging the four corners of the earth and what emerged from those...creatures with vast powers at their disposal...Monsuno!
Jeredy Suno was working on the means of controlling the Monsuno for good, however, his bosses at the ultra-secret government agency, S.T.O.R.M., had a different agenda in mind – they wanted to weaponise the Monsuno. Jeredy was left with no choice but to take his research and go underground...

But not before he left his only son, Chase, a special gift...a powerful guardian in dangerous times – a riddle waiting to be solved – a force of nature to be directed in positive ways – a Monsuno. And not just any Monsuno – the first Monsuno Jeredy reanimated...and the means to control it!

Chase Suno is now on a mission to master the battle potential of his Monsuno in order to protect himself, to build a team of like-minded Monsuno “Adepts” to take on the forces of evil intent on exploiting Monsuno for personal and political gain...and through all of this...to find his missing father and unlock the mysteries of the Monsuno’s true purpose on earth.


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Aug 27, 2014
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Monsuno: World Master


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