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Blast of Tempest Image
Series ID 103030
Media Type Anime
English Title Blast of Tempest
Romaji Title Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster
Furigana Title ぜっえんのテンペスト
Japanese Title 絶園のテンペスト
Japanese Studio Name ボンズ
English Studio Name Bones
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags ( Add ) action, mystery, drama, fantasy, shounen, psychological
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 256
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Story & Information -

Zetsuen No Tempest (絶園のテンペスト Zetsuen no Tenpesuto) is a Japanese manga series written by Kyō Shirodaira and illustrated by Arihide Sano and Ren Saizaki. An anime adaptation by Bones began airing on October 4, 2012. It has been licensed by Aniplex USA in North America and by Madman Entertainment in Australia.

The story revolves around Mahiro Fuwa, a teenager whose sister was mysteriously murdered one year before, and his friend Yoshino Takigawa. Mahiro is contacted by Hakaze Kusaribe, the leader of the Kusaribe clan who was left stranded on an unknown deserted island by her followers, and agrees to help Hakaze in exchange for her help to find out the culprit for the death of his family. Upon learning of his friend's intentions, Yoshino joins him on his quest to stand against the Kusaribe clan who intends to awaken the "Tree of Exodus" whose power can bring ruin to the entire world.
Several dialogues and plot elements in Zetsuen no Tempest pay homage to two works of William Shakespeare, Hamlet and The Tempest, which coincidentally are two stories about retribution, albeit with completely opposing outcomes.

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