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Mitsuteru Sakaki is a character from the anime Beelzebub.
They have been indexed as Male Teen with Not Visible eyes and Green hair that is To Shoulders length. Edit

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Age: 16
Birthday: October 17

Sakaki is a member of the Saint Ishiyama Club Captain's Alliance and captain of the kendo club.

Sakaki is a Junior like his comrade Shinjou. He is a good-looking youth with long black hair. His hair is usually kept in a pony tail unless altered in battle. He is usually seen in his standard Ishiyama uniform and is the least talkative of the knights. He is indifferent in battle and in conversation and rarely speaks even to back up one of his fellow knights. He is a powerful opponent and has shown to be able to keep up with the likes of Aoi in battle. He was first shown partnered with Shinjou, confronting Oga in the halls of Saint Ishiyama.

He seems to be on good terms with Shinjou as they fought Oga and Aoi with precise movements. It is still unknown whether he shares a common fear of their leader as he was still silent when he showed up.

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