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Some steel beams fell, and two students were crushed beneath them.

- Yoshimura

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Sayaka Kirasaka 29 hits

煌坂 紗矢華

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Sayaka Kirasaka is a character from the anime Strike the Blood.
They have been indexed as Female Teen with Green eyes and Brown hair that is Past Waist length. Edit

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Sayaka is a friend of Yukina who was ordered by the Lion King Organization to take charge of multinational magical crimes in the Foreign Affairs Division.


Sayaka has the appearance of a teenager. She is seen in the opening wearing an unknown school uniform. In Episode 5, she is seen wearing a dark red Qipao. She has long brown hair passing her waist. Her breasts are rather large and are 91 cm.Her height is 169cm.


Sayaka is very protective of Yukina and at first she doesn't get along with Kojou Akatsuki saying that it was Kojou's fault why Himeragi was exposed to danger, that plus the fact that she has a severe fear of men made interaction with Kojou out of the question. However, she later on discovered that Kojou was one of the few males she felt comfortable with (earlier having gone so far as to reject calls from superiors just because they were male). Additionally, after letting Kojou drink her blood a new kind of chemistry between the two, although one-sided, emerged. However, just like Yukina, Sayaka has also developed feelings for Kojou, as seen when she blushes whenever he's around, explicitly nervous when conversing with him and being jealous when La Folia kissed him.


As Yukina stated War Dancers specializes in hexes and assassinations.

Koukarin: She is the wielder of a Der Freischutz sword/bow called Koukarin. It has the power to cut through anything by severing the spatial connection of whatever it touches and It can also create a barrier that can safeguard its wielder. It can also morph into a bow which sends energy arrows.
Shikigami Summoning: She can summon a Shikigami. Shikigami can send messages or alert the summoner if anything happens.

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Some steel beams fell, and two students were crushed beneath them.

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