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Satoko Houjou is a character from the Anime Higurashi When They Cry.

They have been indexed as Female Child with Pink eyes and Blonde / Yellow hair that is To Neck length.


The protagonist's underclassman.
Generally she speaks in polite language, but perhaps because she's still young her grammar is pretty questionable.
In contrast with her words and actions, she has a troublesome hobby of setting traps, that she's devoted to.
The varieties cover a wide range, from prank level to full-scale things, and she vigilantly aims at trying to ensnare the protagonist, but her success rate isn't so high.
It doesn't need to be said what happens when she fails, but she hates to lose and doesn't learn her lesson, so at every opportunity she confronts the protagonist. You can guess the result.
Around here, her impracticality shows, but seeing her still undiscouraged is charming.
Trait Appears (actual)
Gender Female
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Blonde / Yellow
Hair Length To Neck
Apparent Age Child
Animal Ears No
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