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From My Hero Academia
Media Type anime
Voiced By Kenjirou Tsuda, 津田健次郎, つだ けんじろう
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Kai Chisaki is a character from the anime My Hero Academia.
They have been indexed as Male Adult with Yellow eyes and Brown hair that is To Ears length.

Kai Chisaki, also known as Overhaul, is the young capo of the Shie Hassaikai. His birthday is on May 28, and he made his first appearance in chapter 115 of the manga, and episode 62 of the anime. His quirk/power is called Overhaul, and it allows him to reassemble or disassemble anything that he touches, including people. Once he disassembles something, he is able to reassemble it, which gives him the ability to change certain aspects of whatever he used his quirk on. He is unable to reassemble things without disassembling them first, but he is able to disassemble things without reassembling them.

Overhaul is responsible for an array of inhumane acts. As a child, he was abandoned on the streets, after a home life full of implied emotional neglect. Afterwards, he is shown to have been taken in by who we can assume is the former leader of the Shie Hassaikai. Chisaki refers to this man as "Pops."

Long after this, Chisaki begins to try to convince Pops of a plan to help restore the Yakuza, which had become almost completely obsolete after the development of quirks. Chisaki suggested using the DNA of Pops' granddaughter, Eri, to formulate a quirk-destroying drug. Eri was chosen because her quirk allows her to rewind people, and this could be used to rewind evolution, thus the appearance of quirks. The plan was for this drug to be distributed in bullets, sold to villains, and then have a cure distributed for those who were affected by the bullets. The end goal was money and infamy, resulting in the reform of the Yakuza.

Pops refused, no matter how much Chisaki tried to convince him. It's unclear what exactly happens next, but it is implied that Kai somehow put Pops in a coma. Afterwards, he takes over the Shie Hassaikai, and begins working to create the drug. The process that was required for that was keeping Eri locked up, scrapping away at her flesh and blood, and reassembling her once she got too tired.

Kai is seen to kill Magne from the League of Villains without remorse after she rushed him. He also disassembled Mister Compress' arm when Compress charged after Magne's death, although this could have just been because Compress touched Chisaki. However, when Chisaki uses his quirk against people when unprovoked, he normally ends up reassembling them afterwards.

Chisaki is mysophobic; he becomes irritated around dust and grime, and when touched he tends to angrily lash out with his quirk. He is shown to express strong distaste towards the mess that disassembling people causes.

Chisaki has a very cold and cruel attitude towards others, viewing everyone around him as pawns. He lacks empathy, and is almost always calm and composed, unless he's touched or in a situation where he's helpless.

In the end, his arrogance and his disregard for others' emotions and friendships would be his downfall. After his base was raided and he was apprehended, the League of Villains worked to crash the vehicle he was in. After taunting him, Shigaraki Tomura and Mister Compress used their quirks to take both of his arms from him. That rendered his quirk useless, and rendered him completely powerless. On top of that, the League also stealed the quirk destroying bullets he had developed, shoving his life's work in his face and revelling in his horror as they leave him to die.

Despite all that happened to him, Kai's status is currently unknown. We can assume that he's either dead or in jail.


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What a sad life you had, Lemillion. (0:10:52.11)
You would die for my sake, wouldn't you?! (0:08:31.34)
Right, Nemoto? You don't want that, do you? (0:08:17.87)
It's easier to be hurt yourself than
to have others get hurt for you, huh?
I feel like I'll get sick. (0:20:43.09)
Nemoto, you really did a good job... (0:08:27.25)
Someone else is about to die because of you! (0:19:30.04)
It's all... (0:07:57.18)
Get up, Chrono! (0:07:20.44)

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