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EXTRA : From the news chopper to the studio-- (0:00:02.98)
EXTRA : I'm reporting live from
the skies of Hosu City!
EXTRA : I'm reporting on a
different story, but look at this!
EXTRA : There is fire and smoke rising
from different locations on the streets.
EXTRA : Are these from accidents,
or from rioting villains?
EXTRA : We are not getting any
information about any of this.
EXTRA : I will report as soon
as I know the situation!
EXTRA : Okay, cut! (0:00:27.13)
EXTRA : Keep shooting. (0:00:30.55)
EXTRA : I wonder what that is...? (0:00:34.72)
EXTRA : Where? (0:00:37.30)
EXTRA : Over there. (0:00:38.01)
EXTRA : By the water tank on
top of the highest building.
EXTRA : Can you get it? (0:00:41.27)
EXTRA : There are people! Two of them! (0:00:46.56)
EXTRA : Curious onlookers? (0:00:48.44)
EXTRA : In a place like that? (0:00:49.94)
EXTRA : "Villain - Tomura Shigaraki - Quirk: Decay"
"Villain - Kurogiri - Quirk: Warp Gate"
Tomura Shigaraki : Let's go back. (0:01:06.17)
Kurogiri : Were you satisfied with
the results, Tomura Shigaraki?
Tomura Shigaraki : Idiot. That depends on tomorrow. (0:01:12.09)
EXTRA : "The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain" (0:02:48.93)
EXTRA : "Hosu General Hospital" (0:02:52.94)
Shoto Todoroki : Were you able to sleep, Midoriya? (0:02:56.07)
Izuku Midoriya : No, not really. (0:02:57.99)
Shoto Todoroki : I didn't think so. (0:02:59.70)
Shoto Todoroki : Me neither. (0:03:00.99)
Izuku Midoriya : Thinking about it now,
we did something amazing, huh?
Shoto Todoroki : Yeah. (0:03:07.04)
EXTRA : "Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All" (0:03:08.33)
Izuku Midoriya : Seeing an ending like that really makes
you feel like it's a miracle we're alive.
Izuku Midoriya : With my leg like this, he probably
could've killed us if he'd wanted to.
EXTRA : "Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" (0:03:19.76)
Shoto Todoroki : Yeah. We were obviously
left alive on purpose.
Shoto Todoroki : You're amazing to have been able to face him (0:03:24.01)
EXTRA : "Tenya Iida - Quirk: Engine" (0:03:25.51)
Shoto Todoroki : after all the murderous
intent directed at you.
Tenya Iida : No, that's not it. (0:03:28.68)
Tenya Iida : I... (0:03:31.73)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Manual"
"Pro Hero - Gran Torino - Quirk: Jet"
Gran Torino : Oh, are you wounded kids awake? (0:03:33.73)
Izuku Midoriya : Gran Torino! (0:03:36.57)
Tenya Iida : Manual... (0:03:38.32)
Gran Torino : Kid, I've got a lot of complaints for you. (0:03:39.61)
Izuku Midoriya : Oh! S-Sorr-- (0:03:42.95)
Gran Torino : But before that, you've got a visitor. (0:03:44.51)
Gran Torino : Hosu's chief of police, Kenji Tsuragamae. (0:03:52.25)
Izuku Midoriya : Tsuragamae! Ch-Chief?! (0:03:56.10)
Kenji Tsuragamae : Oh, you can just stay seated, woof. (0:04:01.05)
Izuku Midoriya : "Woof"! (0:04:04.01)
Kenji Tsuragamae : You must be the U.A. students
who brought down the hero killer, right?
Tenya Iida : Yes. (0:04:09.56)
Shoto Todoroki : The chief of police came all this way... Why? (0:04:10.68)
Kenji Tsuragamae : Regarding the hero killer we arrested... (0:04:13.81)
Kenji Tsuragamae : He had fairly serious injuries,
with burns and broken bones,
Kenji Tsuragamae : and is receiving treatment
under strict guard, woof.
Kenji Tsuragamae : Since you are U.A. students,
I'm sure you already know
Kenji Tsuragamae : that when superpowers
were still becoming the norm,
Kenji Tsuragamae : the police attached high importance
to leadership and standards
Kenji Tsuragamae : and made sure Quirks were
not used as weapons.
Kenji Tsuragamae : And then, the profession of
"hero" emerged to fill that gap, woof.
Kenji Tsuragamae : For an individual's use of force
and power that can easily kill others--
Kenji Tsuragamae : actions that normally would be appropriate
to denounce--to be accepted officially
Kenji Tsuragamae : is thanks to early heroes who followed
the ethics and rules of the profession, woof.
Kenji Tsuragamae : Even up against the hero killer, for uncertified
individuals to cause injury with their Quirks
Kenji Tsuragamae : without specific instruction
from their guardians
Kenji Tsuragamae : or supervisors is a clear
violation of the rules.
Kenji Tsuragamae : The three of you, and the pro heroes
Endeavor, Manual, and Gran Torino
Kenji Tsuragamae : must receive strict punishment. (0:05:14.08)
Shoto Todoroki : Wait a minute. (0:05:17.88)
Shoto Todoroki : If Iida hadn't done anything,
Native would've been killed.
Shoto Todoroki : If Midoriya hadn't come,
the two of them would've been killed.
Izuku Midoriya : Todoroki... (0:05:23.46)
Shoto Todoroki : No one realized that
the hero killer had appeared.
Shoto Todoroki : Are you saying we should've followed
the rules and watched people get killed?
Izuku Midoriya : W-W-Wait! (0:05:32.31)
Kenji Tsuragamae : Are you saying that as long as it turns
out all right, it's okay to bend the rules?
Shoto Todoroki : Isn't it a hero's job to save people? (0:05:38.60)
Kenji Tsuragamae : That is why you are not
a full-fledged hero yet.
Kenji Tsuragamae : Goodness, what are you being
taught by U.A. and Endeavor, woof?
Shoto Todoroki : You dog! (0:05:50.70)
Tenya Iida : Stop it. He is absolutely right. (0:05:51.92)
Kenji Tsuragamae : Hang on a minute. Hear him out until the end. (0:05:54.12)
Kenji Tsuragamae : That was the official opinion of the police. (0:05:57.67)
Kenji Tsuragamae : And the punishment and such would only
happen if this were all made public, woof.
Kenji Tsuragamae : If this were made public, you would
probably be applauded by the public,
Kenji Tsuragamae : but you would not be able
to escape punishment.
Kenji Tsuragamae : On the other hand, this is a bit
underhanded, but if it is not made public,
Kenji Tsuragamae : the burn scars would support Endeavor
being the hero who saved the day,
Kenji Tsuragamae : and it would end there, woof. (0:06:19.90)
Kenji Tsuragamae : Thankfully, there were very few witnesses. (0:06:22.33)
Kenji Tsuragamae : This violation could be crushed here, woof. (0:06:25.32)
Kenji Tsuragamae : But this would also mean no one would know
about your good judgment or achievements.
Kenji Tsuragamae : Which do you prefer? (0:06:34.79)
Kenji Tsuragamae : Personally, I don't want to be the one
to find fault with promising young ones
Kenji Tsuragamae : because of one big mistake, woof. (0:06:42.63)
Masaki Mizushima : Either way, we will need to take responsibility
for being negligent in our supervisory duties.
Tenya Iida : I am truly sorry. (0:06:54.18)
Masaki Mizushima : All right. You'll cause trouble for others! (0:06:56.47)
Masaki Mizushima : If you understand, then don't do it again! (0:06:59.31)
Tenya Iida : I won't! (0:07:01.10)
Izuku Midoriya : I-I'm sorry. (0:07:03.23)
Shoto Todoroki : Please take care of it. (0:07:05.90)
Kenji Tsuragamae : Because of the unfairness of adults, (0:07:08.65)
Kenji Tsuragamae : you will not be able to receive the
praise you would probably have gotten,
Kenji Tsuragamae : but at least, (0:07:14.49)
Kenji Tsuragamae : as someone who also
protects the peace,
Kenji Tsuragamae : I can say thank you. (0:07:19.93)
Shoto Todoroki : Please start with that next time. (0:07:22.75)
Izuku Midoriya : Todoroki... (0:07:25.79)
Izuku Midoriya : The fight in the alley that
started in an unexpected way
Izuku Midoriya : ended like this without
anyone knowing about it.
Izuku Midoriya : But its influence would continue to
eat away at us without anyone the wiser...
EXTRA : They said they arrested the hero killer! (0:07:40.77)
EXTRA : Wow! Amazing! (0:07:42.44)
EXTRA : "Hero Killer Arrested" (0:07:43.56)
EXTRA : Seriously? Who beat him? (0:07:43.69)
EXTRA : Endeavor! As expected of the number two hero! (0:07:45.19)
EXTRA : "Riots in Hosu City"
"Were the crimes connected?"
EXTRA : "Good Job, Endeavor"
"The End of the Hero Killer"
EXTRA : I feel better, but it's kind of unfortunate. (0:07:48.19)
EXTRA : Yeah, I know what you mean. (0:07:50.19)
EXTRA : "Special Report: Hero Killer!" (0:07:51.86)
EXTRA : The three villains arrested
and restrained during Hosu City's riots
EXTRA : are all men with unknown
addresses and identities.
EXTRA : "How are they connected
to the League of Villains?"
EXTRA : Based on their distinctive appearance (0:07:59.58)
EXTRA : and the presence of two people
NHA TV filmed by chance,
EXTRA : there are those saying they are
connected to the League of Villains
EXTRA : that attacked U.A. High School last month. (0:08:06.79)
EXTRA : The hero killer, Stain,
has killed more people on his own
EXTRA : since the appearance of All Might
than any other individual criminal.
EXTRA : With his arrest, everyone around
Japan can rest a little easier.
EXTRA : The seriously wounded hero killer, Stain, (0:08:22.52)
EXTRA : is currently receiving treatment
at a hospital under police guard.
EXTRA : The police are awaiting
the recovery of the victims
EXTRA : to investigate further into
the motive behind the crime.
EXTRA : This villain will certainly leave his mark in
the history of crime in Japan--no, the world--
EXTRA : Hero Killer: Stain! (0:08:39.58)
EXTRA : Why did he keep committing crimes?
What is he after?
EXTRA : I'm reporting live from
Ekou Street in Hosu City.
EXTRA : "Hero Kil" (0:08:51.51)
Tomura Shigaraki : It's all anyone's talking about. (0:08:58.85)
Tomura Shigaraki : Are the Nomus just secondary? (0:09:01.85)
Tomura Shigaraki : Once the night is over,
the world will have forgotten about you.
Tomura Shigaraki : Not only have they not forgotten,
but we ended up being the side story.
EXTRA : "Genius" (0:09:24.58)
Tsunagu Hakamata : Regarding the incident last night
in Hosu City in west Tokyo
Tsunagu Hakamata : with the arrest of Hero Killer: Stain (0:09:28.71)
Tsunagu Hakamata : and the villains that resembled
the Nomu who attacked U.A....
Tsunagu Hakamata : You are probably all
worried about that right now.
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Best Jeanist" (0:09:36.84)
Tsunagu Hakamata : Yes, it is something
I am also very worried about.
Tsunagu Hakamata : People tend to only pay
attention to big events.
Tsunagu Hakamata : However, it is especially at times
like this that heroes must remain calm.
Tsunagu Hakamata : Chaos can sometimes tempt people (0:09:47.73)
Tsunagu Hakamata : and draw out the cruelty that
lies sleeping inside them at their core.
Tsunagu Hakamata : Which means, it will be business
as usual for us today, as well.
Tsunagu Hakamata : Let us brace our minds
and bodies with our tight jeans.
EXTRA : Sure, Best Jeanist! (0:10:00.50)
EXTRA : "Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: Explosion" (0:10:02.58)
Katsuki Bakugo : I... I want to go home right now... (0:10:02.80)
EXTRA : "Fourth Kind Agency" (0:10:06.33)
Eijiro Kirishima : Oh, I got a reply from Midoriya! (0:10:06.96)
EXTRA : "Eijiro Kirishima - Quirk: Hardening" (0:10:08.87)
Eijiro Kirishima : It was at Hosu City, so that location
information was an SOS after all, huh?
Eijiro Kirishima : I'm glad I reported it. (0:10:14.00)
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu : Hey! (0:10:16.11)
EXTRA : "Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu - Quirk: Steel" (0:10:16.88)
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu : Fourth Kind's gonna hit you! (0:10:17.13)
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu : Let's get going! (0:10:19.18)
Eijiro Kirishima : Wait a sec! I'm gonna reply. (0:10:20.43)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Fourth Kind" (0:10:23.47)
Fourth Kind : Didn't I tell you that
you must always be punctual?!
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu : S-Sorry, sir! (0:10:26.18)
Eijiro Kirishima : S-Sorry, sir! (0:10:26.18)
EXTRA : "Chivalrous Hero" "Justice" (0:10:27.98)
EXTRA : All right, we're going on patrol! (0:10:28.31)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:10:29.85)
EXTRA : No matter how damaged your hair, (0:10:31.77)
EXTRA : the new ingredient,
U008 will penetrate deep into each hair.
EXTRA : Curl... (0:10:37.78)
EXTRA : Curl... (0:10:38.86)
EXTRA : Curl, all you want. (0:10:40.36)
EXTRA : Easy curls with just a spritz! (0:10:42.37)
EXTRA : Hair spray, UNERI. (0:10:45.20)
EXTRA : Letting women ride the waves of the times. (0:10:47.99)
Uwabami : They sure work fast. (0:10:51.38)
Uwabami : This is a demo, so it'll
air on TV in about a month.
Uwabami : With lots of CG! (0:10:56.88)
EXTRA : "Momo Yaoyorozu - Quirk: Creation"
"Itsuka Kendo - Quirk: Big Fist"
Itsuka Kendo : We're gonna be on TV, huh? (0:10:59.05)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Heroes... We are heroes... (0:11:01.51)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Uwabami" (0:11:04.47)
Uwabami : Now, shall we go on patrol? (0:11:04.72)
Itsuka Kendo : Yes, ma'am! (0:11:09.60)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Yes, ma'am! (0:11:09.60)
EXTRA : "Mind, Skill, Body" (0:11:10.85)
Ochako Uraraka : I see, well, I'm just glad
you and Iida are both okay.
EXTRA : "Ochaco Uraraka - Quirk: Zero Gravity" (0:11:15.36)
Ochako Uraraka : When I got just the address,
I got really nervous.
Izuku Midoriya : Sorry, Uraraka. There was a lot
going on, so I couldn't contact you.
Ochako Uraraka : I know you went through a lot. (0:11:23.41)
Ochako Uraraka : Get some rest! And tell
me more about it later.
Izuku Midoriya : Okay. (0:11:28.66)
Gunhead : Uravity, we're starting basic training. (0:11:29.25)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Gunhead" (0:11:29.71)
Ochako Uraraka : Oh, right, sir! (0:11:31.20)
Ochako Uraraka : Well, I'll see you at school. (0:11:32.46)
Ochako Uraraka : Sorry to bother you while you're busy! Bye! (0:11:34.17)
Gunhead : Your boyfriend? (0:11:37.17)
Ochako Uraraka : N-No! That's not it! (0:11:38.42)
EXTRA : "Uraraka" (0:11:40.47)
EXTRA : "Telephone Corner" (0:11:42.26)
Izuku Midoriya : Talking on the phone with
a girl is... amazing!
Izuku Midoriya : Man, her voice was so close! (0:11:46.26)
Izuku Midoriya : Oh, Iida, just now, Uraraka said... (0:11:52.94)
Shoto Todoroki : Midoriya. (0:11:56.48)
Shoto Todoroki : Iida just finished getting examined. (0:11:58.86)
Tenya Iida : My left hand might have long-term damage... (0:12:06.03)
Izuku Midoriya : Long-term... damage...?! (0:12:11.54)
EXTRA : "Izuku Midoriya"
"Quirk: One For All"
"Smashes villains with a super power passed down from one generation to the next."
EXTRA : "All Might (True Form)"
"Quirk: One For All"
"Smashes villains with a super power passed down from one generation to the next."
Izuku Midoriya : Long-term... damage... (0:12:26.18)
Tenya Iida : Both of my arms were pretty beat up, (0:12:28.60)
Tenya Iida : but it looks like the damage
to my left arm was especially severe.
Tenya Iida : There was damage to my brachial plexus. (0:12:34.48)
Tenya Iida : But it just means that I'll have
trouble moving my hand and fingers
Tenya Iida : and experience some numbness. (0:12:40.90)
Tenya Iida : Apparently, there's a possibility that it
can be healed with nerve transplant surgery.
Tenya Iida : When I found the hero killer,
I stopped being able to think.
Tenya Iida : The first thing I should've
done was tell Manual.
Tenya Iida : But I forgot myself in my anger. (0:12:56.83)
Chizome Akaguro : Being taken in by the hatred before you
and trying to fulfill your own desires...
Chizome Akaguro : That is the furthest from
what a hero should be.
Tenya Iida : I hate him, but he spoke the truth. (0:13:08.35)
Tenya Iida : That's why, (0:13:12.77)
Tenya Iida : until I become a true hero, (0:13:14.10)
Tenya Iida : I think I want to leave
my left hand as it is.
Shoto Todoroki : Iida... (0:13:20.07)
Izuku Midoriya : Back then, if I had been more emphatic... (0:13:23.74)
Izuku Midoriya : No, stop. (0:13:28.28)
Izuku Midoriya : Iida's already accepted it. (0:13:30.58)
Izuku Midoriya : It would be rude of me to apologize. (0:13:33.00)
Izuku Midoriya : Iida, I feel the same way. (0:13:36.96)
Izuku Midoriya : I will let this hand guide me. (0:13:42.38)
Izuku Midoriya : Let's become stronger... together. (0:13:46.47)
Shoto Todoroki : I feel... kind of bad... (0:13:59.23)
Izuku Midoriya : About what? (0:14:02.02)
Shoto Todoroki : I feel like if I get involved...
other people mess up their hands...
Shoto Todoroki : Is it a curse? (0:14:10.99)
EXTRA : "Hosu General Hospital" (0:14:13.37)
Izuku Midoriya : Todoroki, I didn't know you could make jokes! (0:14:16.21)
Shoto Todoroki : No, I'm not joking. (0:14:18.79)
Shoto Todoroki : I'm like "The Hand Crusher" or something. (0:14:20.29)
Tenya Iida : "The Hand Crusher"! (0:14:24.32)
Izuku Midoriya : "The Hand Crusher"! (0:14:24.32)
EXTRA : "Staff Room" (0:14:28.68)
All Might : A phone call... is here!
A phone call... is here!
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Present Mic"
"Pro Hero: Eraser Head - Quirk: Erasure"
"Pro Hero - All Might - Quirk: One For All"
All Might : A phone-- (0:14:32.72)
All Might : Yes, hello? (0:14:34.06)
Shota Aizawa : That ringtone is annoying as usual. (0:14:35.56)
All Might : S-Sir! (0:14:38.69)
Gran Torino : Izuku Midoriya! Goodness! (0:14:40.50)
EXTRA : "Telephone Corner" (0:14:42.82)
Gran Torino : Thanks to him, I'm getting a pay cut, (0:14:43.11)
Gran Torino : and my teaching license
is being revoked for six months.
Gran Torino : Well, considering the extenuating
circumstances, it couldn't be helped.
Gran Torino : The part where he just starts moving
without thinking is just like you, Toshinori!
All Might : I humbly apologize! (0:14:55.91)
All Might : It is because of my insufficient teaching... (0:14:57.71)
All Might : To cause you such trouble... (0:15:00.33)
All Might : Oh dear... (0:15:03.13)
Gran Torino : I don't care about my teaching
license anymore anyway.
Gran Torino : I only got it to teach you so I could keep
my promise to your predecessor, Shimura.
All Might : And I truly appreciate what you did. (0:15:13.69)
All Might : I am who I am today because of your teaching. (0:15:16.31)
Gran Torino : You say that, but you never come to visit. (0:15:20.14)
All Might : I-It's just that...
my new life as a teacher is so busy...
Gran Torino : I called today to talk about the hero killer. (0:15:27.15)
Gran Torino : I only saw him in person for a few minutes, (0:15:31.61)
Gran Torino : but even so, he had me shaking. (0:15:35.45)
EXTRA : "Lounge" (0:15:37.58)
All Might : To be able to frighten
someone like you, Gran Torino...
All Might : But he had already been
tied up, so what was it...?
Gran Torino : The pressure I felt from him
was probably his strong ideology...
Gran Torino : ...or the intimidation from his obsession. (0:15:48.34)
Gran Torino : I'm not saying this to praise him, (0:15:51.93)
Gran Torino : but it's the same quality as that
"Symbol of Peace" thing you have.
All Might : The same quality... (0:15:59.73)
Gran Torino : To put it simply, it's charisma. (0:16:01.14)
EXTRA : "Hero Killer: Stain's Ideology" (0:16:04.19)
Gran Torino : As the investigation continues, his ideology
and opinion will be all over the media--
Gran Torino : online news, TV, magazines... (0:16:07.90)
Gran Torino : The current age, for better
or worse, is one of suppression.
Gran Torino : People influenced by
his ideas will definitely appear.
All Might : It's true that there will be
those influenced by him,
All Might : but they will probably appear sporadically. (0:16:24.05)
All Might : When they appear one by one, heroes
will take care of them like they did this time.
Gran Torino : That's where the League of Villains comes in. (0:16:29.80)
Gran Torino : The Hosu incident suggests that Stain
and the League are connected somehow.
Gran Torino : With this, (0:16:37.68)
Gran Torino : the League will go from being thought of as a
bunch of juvenile delinquents that attacked U.A.
Gran Torino : to being recognized as
the group with that ideology.
Gran Torino : In other words, there's a
receptacle ready to receive them.
Gran Torino : Even if the malice of each individual is small,
if all that evil gathers under one will,
Gran Torino : it will swell up to hundreds of times that. (0:16:56.13)
Gran Torino : If the enemy general knew
this would happen from the beginning...
Gran Torino : ...then he's pretty good. (0:17:03.83)
Gran Torino : He's steadily getting rid of obstacles, (0:17:06.50)
Gran Torino : trying to create conditions
to further his own purpose.
All Might : When I heard from Tsukauchi
that Nomu had multiple Quirks,
All Might : I had a bad feeling... (0:17:17.93)
Gran Torino : The man who killed my
sworn friend and your master,
Gran Torino : the previous One For All holder, Shimura,
and opened that hole in your stomach...
Gran Torino : All For One must be starting to move again. (0:17:31.44)
All Might : For him to have survived after that injury (0:17:37.61)
All Might : is a reality I don't want to believe. (0:17:41.16)
Gran Torino : Toshinori, that child
admires you so bravely...
Gran Torino : You should find time to tell him properly (0:17:51.59)
Gran Torino : about everything concerning
you and One For All.
Izuku Midoriya : Two days after the Hosu incident, (0:18:05.14)
Izuku Midoriya : the hero killer's identity started
being exposed from various angles.
EXTRA : Recently, there've been
less people willing to break the law.
EXTRA : My buddies are all complaining
about not being able to sell anything.
EXTRA : It's a pain. (0:18:20.95)
Giran : 'Cause it's a serious crime to develop or sell
support items and costumes without a license...
Giran : On top of that, there have been rumors
recently that legit support companies
Giran : have been selling on the black market
to people without hero licenses.
EXTRA : I miss the days back before All Might... (0:18:39.97)
EXTRA : I was still young back then, too. (0:18:42.43)
EXTRA : The villains were wild and impulsive,
and that turned into enthusiasm
EXTRA : the whole country was teeming with. (0:18:48.48)
EXTRA : It was a good time. (0:18:50.31)
EXTRA : But when All Might appeared,
everything changed.
EXTRA : It's all thanks to that Symbol of Justice. (0:18:58.32)
EXTRA : Maybe it's time for me to retire. (0:19:02.03)
Giran : About that. (0:19:05.29)
Giran : Listen to this. (0:19:06.62)
Giran : Just between you and me,
I know of a way to make some cash.
Giran : I'm only telling you because
I know you guys have quality goods.
Giran : Have you seen this video? (0:19:19.84)
EXTRA : Huh? Who's this? (0:19:21.97)
Giran : It's a video of the "hero killer."
He's hot right now.
EXTRA : Hero Killer: Stain. Real
name: Chizome Akaguro.
EXTRA : All Might's debut left a deep impression on him,
and he set his sights on becoming a hero.
EXTRA : He enrolled in a private hero high school (0:19:42.66)
EXTRA : but was disappointed in the fundamentally (0:19:45.16)
EXTRA : depraved view of heroes taught
by the educational system.
EXTRA : He dropped out in the
summer of his first year.
EXTRA : Until the end of his teenage years,
he called for a return to the old idea of heroes
EXTRA : making speeches on the street until he
realized resignedly that words had no power.
EXTRA : For the next ten years,
in order to fulfill his "duty,"
EXTRA : he studied and trained
in killing techniques on his own.
EXTRA : During this time, his parents passed away, (0:20:04.51)
EXTRA : and that affair was considered non-criminal. (0:20:06.85)
EXTRA : He emphasized a return
to the old idea of heroes.
EXTRA : Heroes should not seek compensation. (0:20:13.96)
EXTRA : The title of "hero" must only be granted
to those who epitomize self-sacrifice.
EXTRA : The present-day heroes
are fakes who are all talk.
EXTRA : He wanted society to realize this
through his purges one after another.
EXTRA : Someone must be dyed in blood... (0:20:29.87)
Chizome Akaguro : I must take back what it means to be a hero! (0:20:35.04)
Chizome Akaguro : Come! Try and get me, you fakes! (0:20:40.17)
Chizome Akaguro : The only one I'll let
kill me is the true hero...
Chizome Akaguro : ...All Might! (0:20:52.31)
Giran : This keeps getting uploaded and taken
down online, like a game of cat and mouse.
Giran : Both sides have realized... (0:21:02.19)
Giran : Especially the last part... (0:21:04.95)
Giran : This guy's way of life is infectious. (0:21:07.03)
Giran : From scoundrels with countless
previous convictions to felons on the run,
Giran : all the major players... (0:21:15.67)
Giran : Including me, of course... (0:21:18.47)
Giran : Not that many people have noticed yet, (0:21:22.63)
Giran : but the evil that was scattered,
hiding deep and quiet in places
Giran : where no one could see them, (0:21:30.28)
Giran : has now been hit by a single fever... (0:21:33.31)
Giran : To go to the organization
Hero Killer: Stain is part of...
Giran : They have started heading
to the League of Villains.
EXTRA : "Preview" (0:23:19.92)
Izuku Midoriya : Here's the preview! (0:23:20.00)
Izuku Midoriya : I wonder how everyone's internships
went while I was in the hospital...
Tsuyu Asui : You curious, Midoriya? (0:23:25.55)
Izuku Midoriya : Asu... I mean, Tsu! (0:23:27.20)
Tsuyu Asui : Then we'll respond to your request
by showing Class A at their internships.
Izuku Midoriya : I'm looking forward to that. (0:23:34.22)
Tsuyu Asui : But then, your part in
the episode will be smaller.
Tsuyu Asui : Ribbit, ribbit. (0:23:38.68)
Izuku Midoriya : Next time, "Everyone's Internships." (0:23:39.48)
Tsuyu Asui : You can enjoy watching me
in this anime-original episode!
Izuku Midoriya : Go beyond! (0:23:45.02)
Tsuyu Asui : Go beyond! (0:23:45.02)
EXTRA : "Next time: Everyone's Internships" (0:23:45.90)
Izuku Midoriya : Plus Ultra! (0:23:46.65)

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