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Don't worry, everyone's safe.

- Xin

My Hero Academia - Episode 40

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Episode Transcript

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Izuku Midoriya : Evil wiggling on the underside
of the showy superhero society...
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : No matter how many times they're driven back, Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : they hide in the darkness,
storing up strength...
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : They start to move again... Line ID
Tomura Shigaraki : I expect nothing less from Master, Line ID
Tomura Shigaraki : finding so easily the destination
of those guys that I couldn't find
Line ID
EXTRA : "Villain - Tomura Shigaraki - Quirk: Decay" Line ID
Tomura Shigaraki : no matter how hard I looked. Line ID
EXTRA : "Villain - Kurogiri - Quirk: Warp Gate" Line ID
Kurogiri : It was worth having them on standby,
wasn't it, Tomura Shigaraki?
Line ID
Tomura Shigaraki : I guess. Line ID
Giran : I was contacted by the union. Line ID
Giran : They said they could deliver
the goods by tomorrow morning.
Line ID
Giran : They were hastily put together,
so they don't look like much,
Line ID
Giran : but the quality is guaranteed. Line ID
Kurogiri : I apologize for asking
for something unreasonable.
Line ID
Giran : Hey, Shigaraki... Line ID
EXTRA : "Villain - Giran" Line ID
Giran : Do you know why the union
accepted your unreasonable request?
Line ID
Giran : 'Cause everyone's got
high expectations of you.
Line ID
Giran : If the League of Villains becomes active, Line ID
Giran : then those smoldering
in the dark will start to move.
Line ID
Giran : If that happens, then those
like me can share in the profits.
Line ID
Tomura Shigaraki : Don't worry. Line ID
Tomura Shigaraki : You'll soon be so busy
you won't be able to keep up.
Line ID
Giran : I'm looking forward to that. Line ID
Giran : Anyway, thanks. Line ID
Tomura Shigaraki : My pieces and prey have
all arrived at the destination.
Line ID
Tomura Shigaraki : Then, it's time to start the game. Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : The prestigious school that
turned out many heroes, U.A. High School.
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Enrolled in their hero course,
I continue to run toward my dream,
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : standing up to any difficulties
and saving people with a smile...
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : order to become the greatest hero! Line ID
Shota Aizawa : U.A. High has finished its first semester
and started summer vacation.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : However... Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Those of you trying to be heroes
will not receive days of rest.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : At this summer training camp, Line ID
Shota Aizawa : we'll have you aiming for even
greater heights--for "Plus Ultra"!
Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Line ID
Ochako Uraraka : Deku, it's finally time for the
training camp in the woods, huh?
Line ID
EXTRA : "Ochaco Uraraka - Quirk: Zero Gravity" Line ID
EXTRA : "Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All" Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : So close...! Line ID
Ochako Uraraka : What's the matter? Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Well, um... Line ID
Yuuga Aoyama : Do you like... Line ID
Ochako Uraraka : I-It's time for training camp!
Training camp! Training camp!
Line ID
Ochako Uraraka : Training camp! Training camp! Training camp! Line ID
EXTRA : "Mina Ashido - Quirk: Acid"
"Denki Kaminari - Quirk: Electrification"
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Uraraka and the others are so excited... Line ID
EXTRA : "Neito Monoma - Quirk: Copy" Line ID
Neito Monoma : What? There are people in
Class A taking extra classes?
Line ID
Neito Monoma : Does that mean you had
people who failed the finals?
Line ID
Neito Monoma : What? Isn't that weird? Isn't that weird? Line ID
Neito Monoma : Even though they're supposed
to be way better than Class B?
Line ID
Neito Monoma : How can that be? Line ID
Itsuka Kendo : Sorry! Line ID
Reiko Yanagi : Monoma's scary. Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Oh, it's Class B-- Line ID
Setsuna Tokage : We kind of met during the sports festival,
but nice to meet you, Class A.
Line ID
Yui Kodai : Yeah. Line ID
EXTRA : "Itsuka Kendo - Quirk: Big Fist" Line ID
Itsuka Kendo : We're getting on the bus! Line ID
Setsuna Tokage : Okay! Line ID
Minoru Mineta : Not just the girls from Class A,
but the girls from Class B will also be there!
Line ID
EXTRA : "Minoru Mineta - Quirk: Pop Off" Line ID
Minoru Mineta : It'll be like a buffet
we can pick and choose from!
Line ID
EXTRA : "Eijiro Kirishima - Quirk: Hardening" Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : That's about enough out of you. Line ID
Tenya Iida : Class A's bus is this way! Line ID
Tenya Iida : Line up in seat order! Line ID
EXTRA : "Tenya Iida - Quirk: Engine" Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Everyone, the bus will stop
once in about an hour.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : After that-- Line ID
Denki Kaminari : Let's play some music! Line ID
EXTRA : "chatter chatter chatter" Line ID
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Shota Aizawa - Quirk: Erasure" Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Oh, well. Line ID
Shota Aizawa : This is the only time
they'll be able to play around.
Line ID
EXTRA : "Wild, Wild Pussycats" Line ID
Hanta Sero : Finally taking a break, huh? Line ID
Minoru Mineta : I gotta pee! Line ID
Denki Kaminari : Anyway, does this even count as a rest area? Line ID
Mina Ashido : Huh? Where's Class B? Line ID
Minoru Mineta : --B-B-B-Bathroom!
--There's no point stopping without a reason.
Line ID
Ochako Uraraka : Huh? Line ID
Minoru Mineta : Where's the bathroom? Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Hey, Eraser! Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Long time no see. Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Lock on with these sparkling gazes! Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Stingingly cute and catlike! Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Wild, Wild... Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Wild, Wild... Line ID
Shino Sousaki : ...Pussycats! Line ID
Shota Aizawa : These are pro heroes who will be working
with us during the camp, the Pussycats.
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : They're a four-person
hero team who set up a joint agency!
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : They're a veteran team that
specializes in mountain rescues!
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : This year will be their twelfth workin-- Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : I'm 18 at heart! Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : At heart...? Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Y-You're 18! Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : She sounds desperate. Line ID
Denki Kaminari : She sounds desperate. Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Greet them, everyone. Line ID
EXTRA : Nice to meet you! Line ID
Shino Sousaki : We own this whole stretch of land here. Line ID
Shino Sousaki : You all will be staying
at the foot of that mountain.
Line ID
EXTRA : So far! Line ID
Ochako Uraraka : Huh? Then why did we stop here? Line ID
Tsuyu Asui : Could this mean...? Line ID
Rikido Sato : No way... Line ID
Hanta Sero : Why don't we get back to the bus, huh? Line ID
Hanta Sero : Fast. Line ID
Denki Kaminari : Yeah. Let's do that. Line ID
Shino Sousaki : It's 9:30 a.m. right now. Line ID
Shino Sousaki : If you're fast... Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Maybe around noon? Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : No way... guys... Line ID
Mina Ashido : Let's get back! Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : Get back to the bus! Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : Hurry! Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Kitties who don't make it
by 12:30 won't get any lunch!
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Sorry, ladies and gentlemen. Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Training camp... Line ID
Shota Aizawa : ...has already begun. Line ID
Ochako Uraraka : Wh-What is this?! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : The ground is rising up?! Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Hey! Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Since it's private land,
you can use your Quirks as you wish!
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : You have three hours! Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Come to the facility on your own two feet! Line ID
Shino Sousaki : After getting through... The Beast's Forest! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : "The Beast's Forest"?! Line ID
Denki Kaminari : That name sounds like it came
right out of Dragon Quest!
Line ID
Kyouka Jirou : U.A. does stuff like this way too much. Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : It's no use complaining. Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : We just have to go. Line ID
Minoru Mineta : I held it! I held it! Line ID
Minoru Mineta : Now to hide in the shadows and... Line ID
Denki Kaminari : It's... Line ID
Hanta Sero : ...a beast! Line ID
EXTRA : "Koji Koda - Quirk: Anivoice" Line ID
Koji Koda : Calm down, kind beast! Line ID
Koji Koda : Stay back! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Koda's Quirk, which is supposed
to subdue animals, didn't work?
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : A dirt clod... Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : I get it! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : With Pixie-Bob's Quirk... Line ID
Shino Sousaki : It's a really crazy schedule, though, Eraser. Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Well, we're planning to
have them acquire early
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : what they normally would get
at the beginning of their second year,
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : so it's going to be crazy no matter what. Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Permits to use their Quirks
in the time of an emergency--
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : A provisional license allowing
them to work as heroes.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : With villains being so active right now, Line ID
Shota Aizawa : they also need to learn
how to defend themselves.
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : One For All... Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : ...Full Cowling! Line ID
EXTRA : "Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" Line ID
Tenya Iida : Reciproburst! Line ID
EXTRA : "Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: Explosion" Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : Die! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Smash...! Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Well then, I continue
to count on you, Pixie-Bob.
Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Leave it to me! Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : My fur's standing on end! Line ID
Rikido Sato : You guys defeated that beast in an instant? Line ID
Hanta Sero : You did it! Line ID
Minoru Mineta : You did it... and I did, too... Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : You're amazing, Bakugo! Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : Not yet! Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : Hey, come on. Line ID
Denki Kaminari : How many of them are there? Line ID
Mina Ashido : What should we do? Run away? Line ID
Rikido Sato : This is no joke. Line ID
Rikido Sato : If we don't make it to the facility
by noon, then we don't get lunch.
Line ID
Momo Yaoyorozu : Then we have no choice but to get
through here and take the shortest route.
Line ID
EXTRA : "Momo Yaoyorozu - Quirk: Creation" Line ID
Tsuyu Asui : Ribbit. Line ID
Tenya Iida : All right. Let's go, Class A! Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah! Line ID
EXTRA : "Mezo Shoji - Quirk: Dupli-Arms" Line ID
Mezou Shouji : There are three up ahead! Line ID
Mezou Shouji : Two each on either side! Line ID
EXTRA : "Kyoka Jiro - Quirk: Earphone Jack" Line ID
Kyouka Jirou : Seven total. They're coming! Line ID
Hanta Sero : All right, here I go! Line ID
EXTRA : "Hanta Sero - Quirk: Tape" Line ID
Hanta Sero : Sato! Kirishima! Line ID
EXTRA : "Rikido Sato - Quirk: Sugar Rush" Line ID
EXTRA : "Fumikage Tokoyami - Quirk: Dark Shadow" Line ID
Fumikage Tokoyami : Dark Shadow! Line ID
Fumikage Tokoyami : Got it! Line ID
EXTRA : "Mashirao Ojiro - Quirk: Tail" Line ID
Mashirao Ojiro : Aoyama, now! Line ID
EXTRA : "Yuga Aoyama - Quirk: Navel Laser" Line ID
Yuuga Aoyama : The finishing blow, right? Line ID
Minoru Mineta : Damn it! Line ID
Minoru Mineta : It's you guys' fault that my pants are wet! Line ID
Denki Kaminari : Get away, Mineta! Line ID
Denki Kaminari : 1.3 Million Volts! Line ID
Denki Kaminari : Yay... Line ID
Koji Koda : Birds of the forest! Line ID
Koji Koda : Remove the evil beasts from this place! Line ID
Mina Ashido : Take that! Line ID
EXTRA : "Toru Hagakure - Quirk: Invisibility" Line ID
Momo Yaoyorozu : Hagakure, good job being the bait. Line ID
Mina Ashido : There! Line ID
Momo Yaoyorozu : Everyone, please take cover! Line ID
Mina Ashido : You did it, Yao-momo! Line ID
Ochako Uraraka : Okay, Tsu! Line ID
Yui Kodai : Leave it to me! Line ID
EXTRA : "Tsuyu Asui - Quirk: Frog" Line ID
Tsuyu Asui : Ribbit...! Line ID
Tsuyu Asui : Ribbit! Line ID
Ochako Uraraka : Release! Line ID
Mezou Shouji : More have appeared! Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : Don't get in my way, Half-and-Half Bastard! Line ID
Shouto Todoroki : I'm not in your way. Line ID
Tenya Iida : Let's go, Midoriya! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Okay! Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Hi-ya! Is that how you wanna play? Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Kota, we're going. Line ID
Kouta Izumi : This is pointless. Line ID
Kouta Izumi : Are they stupid?
Saying they want to be heroes...
Line ID
EXTRA : "Affiliation: U.A. High School Hero Class 1-A"
"Birthday: 10/8" "Height: 108 cm"
"Blood Type: A" "Likes: Women"
Line ID
EXTRA : "Affiliation: U.A. High School Hero Class Teacher"
"Birthday: 11/8" "Height: 183 cm"
"Blood Type: B" "Likes: Cats"
Line ID
EXTRA : "Training Camp - Day 1" Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Oh, you're finally here, meow! Line ID
Shino Sousaki : That took quite some time. Line ID
EXTRA : What do you mean, three hours?! Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : That's the time it would've taken us. Sorry! Line ID
Rikido Sato : You were trying to boast
about how much better you are?
Line ID
Rikido Sato : That's mean... Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : I'm hungry... I'm gonna die... Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : But honestly, I thought
it would take even longer.
Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : You guys didn't have as hard a time beating
my earth beasts as I thought you would.
Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : You guys are great... Especially... Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : four! Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Were you able to act without
hesitation because of your experience?
Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : I'm looking forward to
where you'll be in three years!
Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : I call dibs! Line ID
Tenya Iida : Wh-What are you...?! Line ID
Tenya Iida : --Stop that! Get away!
--Mandalay... was she always like that?
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : --Stop that! Get away!
--Mandalay... was she always like that?
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : She's a little desperate, since she's
about the suitable age for, you know...
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Speaking of "suitable age"-- Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : What about it? Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : I-It's been bothering me for a while... Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Whose child is that? Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Oh, not one of ours.
He's my cousin's kid.
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Come on, Kota. Greet everyone. Line ID
Shino Sousaki : You'll be with them for the next week. Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Oh, um, I'm Midoriya from
U.A. High School's hero course.
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Nice to meet you. Line ID
Tenya Iida : Midoriya! Line ID
Tenya Iida : You brute of a nephew! Line ID
Tenya Iida : Why would you do that
to Midoriya's scrotum?!
Line ID
Kouta Izumi : I don't intend to hang out
with guys who want to become heroes!
Line ID
Tenya Iida : "Intend"? Just how old are you?! Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : Precocious brat. Line ID
Shouto Todoroki : Isn't he kind of like you? Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : What? Not at all! Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : Anyway, shut up, you GG bastard! Line ID
Shouto Todoroki : Sorry. Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Enough with this charade.
Get your stuff off the bus.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Once you've put your bags in your rooms,
we'll have dinner in the cafeteria.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : After that, you'll bathe and go to sleep. Line ID
Shota Aizawa : We'll start for real tomorrow. Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Now, move quickly. Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Thanks for the food! Line ID
Hanta Sero : Really? So the girls' room is a normal size? Line ID
Kyouka Jirou : Are the boys in a big room? Line ID
Mina Ashido : I wanna see it! Hey, can I go see it later? Line ID
Hanta Sero : Sure, come whenever! Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : So good! Rice is so good! Line ID
Denki Kaminari : It's soaking into my internal organs! Line ID
Denki Kaminari : It's a match for Lunch Rush's cooking! Line ID
Denki Kaminari : I can keep chewing forever! Line ID
Denki Kaminari : A clay hotpot?! Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : Is that from a clay hotpot?! Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Yeah. Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : But man, it looks like you guys were
so hungry that you're acting weird...
Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Anyway, today's the only day we'll be doing
stuff for you, so eat as much as you can.
Line ID
Eijirou Kirishima : Thanks! Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Oh, Kota! Line ID
EXTRA : "Vegetables" Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Can you bring those veggies? Line ID
Minoru Mineta : Well, frankly, food and
stuff isn't really that important.
Line ID
Minoru Mineta : That's not what I'm here for. Line ID
Minoru Mineta : I know that much, at least. Line ID
Minoru Mineta : What I'm here for is beyond that wall. Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : What are you talking to
yourself about, Mineta?
Line ID
EXTRA : This feels great! Line ID
EXTRA : I love that there are hot springs here. Line ID
Minoru Mineta : See, there they are... Line ID
Minoru Mineta : Nowadays, for them to not stagger bathing
times for men and women is an accident...
Line ID
Minoru Mineta : Yes, an accident waiting to happen. Line ID
Denki Kaminari : Don't tell me you're... Line ID
Tenya Iida : Mineta, stop it! Line ID
Tenya Iida : What you are doing is demeaning
for both yourself and the girls!
Line ID
Tenya Iida : It is shameful behavior! Line ID
Minoru Mineta : You're too fussy. Line ID
Minoru Mineta : Walls... Line ID
Minoru Mineta : ...are meant to be climbed over! Line ID
Minoru Mineta : Plus Ultra! Line ID
Minoru Mineta : For a time like this... Line ID
Minoru Mineta : For a time like this, I... Line ID
Kouta Izumi : Before learning to be a hero, Line ID
Kouta Izumi : you need to learn about being human. Line ID
Minoru Mineta : Damn kid...! Line ID
Yui Kodai : Mineta really is the worst, huh? Line ID
Mina Ashido : Thanks, Kota! Line ID
Mina Ashido : Yay, yay! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Look out! Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : He just fainted from fear at the fall. Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Thanks. Line ID
Shino Sousaki : I heard from Eraser that there was
an embodiment of lust among the boys,
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : so I just had him there keeping watch. Line ID
Shino Sousaki : These days, girls develop
quickly, don't they?
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Anyway, I'm glad he's okay. Line ID
Shino Sousaki : You must've hustled to save him. Line ID
Kouta Izumi : I don't intend to hang out
with guys who want to become heroes!
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Kota has a negative view
of heroes, doesn't he?
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : For me, I've always been surrounded
by people who wanted to be heroes--
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Oh, me included... Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : So I thought it was unusual for a boy
his age to feel the way he does...
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : That's true. Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Of course, there are many people in
society who don't think well of heroes...
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : If he had been raised normally,
maybe he would've admired heroes, too.
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : "Normally"? Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Mandalay's cousin-- Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : Kota's parents--were heroes, Line ID
Ryuuko Tsuchikawa : but they were killed in the line of duty. Line ID
Shino Sousaki : Two years ago...
protecting citizens from a villain...
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : For a hero, it was a respectable
way to die... an honorable death.
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : But... Line ID
Kouta Izumi : P-Papa... Mama... Line ID
Shino Sousaki : But a child barely aware of what was
around him couldn't understand that.
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : His whole world had
revolved around his parents.
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : "My parents left me behind..." Line ID
Shino Sousaki : But society kept praising them, saying it was
a good thing for heroes... a wonderful thing.
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : He doesn't seem to like us much,
either, since we're also heroes.
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : But it's like he's just here because
there's nowhere else for him to go.
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : To Kota, heroes are a kind of human
he can't understand and finds unpleasant.
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : It's because that trash
is smiling thoughtlessly,
Line ID
Shino Sousaki : as if there was no one he couldn't save! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : It's a very irresponsible thing to say that
makes it seem like someone else's problem,
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : but there are people
with many different beliefs.
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : As I listened to these different opinions
one after another, I couldn't say a word.
Line ID
EXTRA : "Training Camp - Day 2" Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Today, we will begin training camp
to increase your strength in earnest.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : The goal of this training camp is
to increase everyone's strength
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : and with that, for everyone
to obtain their provisional licenses.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : It is to prepare you all to face hostilities
that are becoming more real by the minute.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Proceed carefully. Line ID
Shota Aizawa : So Bakugo, Line ID
Shota Aizawa : try throwing that. Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : This is from the fitness test... Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Your previous record, from right after
you started school, was 705.2 meters.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Let's see how much you've improved. Line ID
Mina Ashido : Oh, we're checking our progress? Line ID
Hanta Sero : Since a lot has happened
these past three months, huh?
Line ID
Hanta Sero : Maybe he can throw it
a kilometer or something now!
Line ID
Hanta Sero : Do it, Bakugo! Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : Then... Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : Here I go... Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : Go to hell! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : "Go to hell." Line ID
Shota Aizawa : 709.6 meters. Line ID
Katsuki Bakugo : Huh? It's less than I thought... Line ID
Shota Aizawa : It's been about three months
since you started high school.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : Through various experiences,
you all have definitely improved.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : But that improvement has mainly been
at the mental and technical levels,
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : with some increase in stamina. Line ID
Shota Aizawa : As you can see, your Quirks themselves
have not improved that much.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : That's why we will work on
improving your Quirks starting today.
Line ID
Shota Aizawa : It'll be so hard you'll feel like dying, Line ID
Shota Aizawa : but try not to actually die... Line ID
Himiko Toga : We got a delivery from Tomura! Line ID
EXTRA : "Villain - Himiko Toga" Line ID
Himiko Toga : He said there's enough for everyone,
so we should bring it with us.
Line ID
EXTRA : Throbbing... It's throbbing... Line ID
EXTRA : Let's hurry up and go! Line ID
EXTRA : It's still early. Line ID
Dabi : Besides, didn't he say
we shouldn't do anything flashy?
Line ID
Dabi : Yeah, even though
he attacked me right after we met,
Line ID
Dabi : he's suddenly acting like he's in charge. Line ID
Dabi : This is just a signal fire. Line ID
Dabi : Those empty heroes will
be pulled off their pedestals...
Line ID
EXTRA : "Villain - Dabi" Line ID
Dabi : To create a brighter future. Line ID
EXTRA : "Preview" Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Here's the preview! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : It looks like Kota, a relative
of Mandalay from the Pussycats,
Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : is prejudiced against heroes. Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : What in the world happened to him...? Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Next time, "Kota." Line ID
EXTRA : "Next time: Kota" Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Go beyond! Line ID
Izuku Midoriya : Plus Ultra! Line ID
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