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EXTRA : "Merlin's magic control coaching" (0:00:02.98)
Merlin Walford : Thor, you're a bit choppy there. (0:00:05.56)
Thor von Flegel : Right. (0:00:08.40)
Merlin Walford : Sizilien, why don't you try
raising your magic a little bit?
Sicily von Claude : All right. (0:00:12.99)
Merlin Walford : You're building up too much.
You're going to lose control.
Lyn Hughes : Huh? I made a mistake. (0:00:21.16)
Yuri Carlton : Jeez, you're going to mess up
all our hair again!
EXTRA : "Melida's magic gear enchanting discussion" (0:00:28.42)
Shin Wolford : Thanks to the two of them helping out, (0:00:32.55)
Shin Wolford : this camp is turning out
better than I expected.
EXTRA : "Shin's magic practice" (0:00:39.05)
Merida Bowen : They're belting them right out
without any chanting.
Merida Bowen : They're going to put the
magic division out of business.
Shin Wolford : No, I think they'll still have
a tough time of it against demonoids.
Merlin Walford : Hmm, you're right. (0:00:52.69)
Merida Bowen : This really is an absolute
worldwide crisis, isn't it?
Shin Wolford : The demonoids are running
roughshod over imperial territory.
Shin Wolford : If we're going to stand up to their
overwhelming magical power,
Shin Wolford : then everyone here at this camp-- (0:01:05.46)
Shin Wolford : make that I, myself ,
have to get even stronger.
EXTRA : --Huh?!
Shin Wolford : --Huh?!
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:01:13.71)
EXTRA : "Wise Man's Grandchild" (0:01:23.14)
EXTRA : "Wise Man's Grandchild" (0:01:27.56)
Yuri Carlton : Listen up, everyone! Raise a magic
barrier with everything you've got!
Shin Wolford : Nah, I think you'll probably be okay. (0:02:52.10)
Alice Corner : Probably?! (0:02:54.32)
August von Earlshide : Guys, Messina is right!
Do not let your guard down!
Shin Wolford : I'm telling you, this is
going to be all right.
Shin Wolford : I had an idea I've been thinking about. (0:03:05.58)
Shin Wolford : First, I visualize some combustible gas... (0:03:08.08)
Tony Freide : I-Is that some new magic? (0:03:17.00)
Shin Wolford : Nope. (0:03:19.34)
Shin Wolford : This is where... the critical part begins... (0:03:21.13)
Maria von Messina : Everyone, brace for impact! (0:03:26.89)
Shin Wolford : Give the image directionality. Up to now,
the impact has been spread out.
Shin Wolford : So now, narrow the explosive energy
into a single direction, and...
Shin Wolford : ...release! (0:03:38.36)
Maria von Messina : You've gone and done it again, haven't you? (0:03:47.91)
Shin Wolford : Yes! Success! (0:03:50.29)
Merida Bowen : You dummy! (0:03:52.29)
Merida Bowen : What do you need that much force for?! (0:03:53.50)
Alice Corner : Am I dreaming...? (0:03:56.67)
Maria von Messina : This is real. (0:03:58.71)
Shin Wolford : Well, I didn't anticipate
it being this strong.
Shin Wolford : I'm sorry! (0:04:03.55)
Thor von Flegel : On the other hand, even with that much force,
there wasn't any shock at all.
August von Earlshide : By channeling the blast into
one direction, he boosted its force.
Merlin Walford : Most likely. (0:04:14.02)
Mark Bean : If something like that got
turned on me--I shudder to think!
Shin Wolford : I'm telling you, it's okay. (0:04:19.81)
Maria von Messina : You did say "probably," remember?! (0:04:22.32)
Maria von Messina : Man, are you ever reckless! (0:04:25.07)
EXTRA : That will be all for today.
We're heading back to the manor house.
EXTRA : --Yes, ma'am.
--Yes, ma'am.
August von Earlshide : I hate to trouble you, Shin, but could you
gate me through to the castle?
Shin Wolford : The castle? (0:04:36.92)
August von Earlshide : It's hard to come by information
on the demonoids while I'm at camp.
August von Earlshide : I'm going to head back
and check on the situation.
Shin Wolford : Okay, you got it. (0:04:43.42)
EXTRA : Y-Your Highness! (0:04:48.89)
August von Earlshide : What? Has anything happened? (0:04:50.76)
Elisabet von Koralle : Not just "anything," August! (0:04:52.85)
August von Earlshide : E-Ellie! (0:04:59.69)
Shin Wolford : Who's she? (0:05:01.40)
August von Earlshide : She's my fiancée. (0:05:02.32)
EXTRA : "Elisabet von Koralle" (0:05:04.78)
Shin Wolford : Hm? Huh? Eh? Eh?! Fiancée?! (0:05:04.86)
Shin Wolford : What do you mean? I never knew about this! (0:05:09.16)
August von Earlshide : Because I've never told you. (0:05:11.99)
Elisabet von Koralle : What are you whispering about?! (0:05:14.33)
Elisabet von Koralle : It's nice to meet you,
our new hero, Shin Wolford.
Elisabet von Koralle : I am the second daughter of Duke Koralle,
and Prince August's fiancée,
Elisabet von Koralle : Elisabet von Koralle. I am pleased
to make your acquaintance.
Shin Wolford : Thank you for such a polite welcome. (0:05:35.73)
August von Earlshide : Ellie, what are you doing here? (0:05:37.90)
Elisabet von Koralle : What wouldn't I be doing here?! (0:05:40.31)
Elisabet von Koralle : How could you leave May and me behind
here and go camping or wherever?!
Shin Wolford : May? (0:05:47.11)
August von Earlshide : My younger sister. (0:05:48.07)
May von Earlsheid : That's right! (0:05:49.62)
August von Earlshide : Oh, you're here. (0:05:51.70)
May von Earlsheid : Don't "you're here" me!
You're awful, Big Brother!
May von Earlsheid : I heard that Mistress Melida
was with you at your camp.
May von Earlsheid : You know how much I admire Mistress Melida, (0:06:01.00)
May von Earlsheid : but you still leave me behind?! (0:06:04.46)
August von Earlshide : Well, hey, you're just so fun to watch
when you're this wound up.
May von Earlsheid : You're so mean! This is unfair!
I want to meet Mistress Melida, too!
Shin Wolford : You mean Granny? (0:06:15.18)
May von Earlsheid : I-I-I'm so sorry, Master Shin! (0:06:16.60)
EXTRA : "May von Earlsheid" (0:06:20.77)
May von Earlsheid : May von Earlsheid. I'm Big Brother
August's younger sister, and, um...
May von Earlsheid : ...a-a huge fan of Mistress Melida! (0:06:26.99)
Shin Wolford : I see. Nice to meet you, May. (0:06:29.41)
Shin Wolford : I consider Aug to be something like a cousin, (0:06:33.33)
Shin Wolford : so I'd be delighted if you would be, as well. (0:06:35.95)
May von Earlsheid : Th-Then, my Big Brother Shin...? (0:06:39.16)
Shin Wolford : I don't think we need that much formality. (0:06:42.13)
May von Earlsheid : Shin, then? (0:06:44.29)
Shin Wolford : Mm-hmm. (0:06:46.67)
May von Earlsheid : Now I have a brother who isn't mean to me! (0:06:50.34)
August von Earlshide : So, what are you doing here? (0:06:54.51)
Elisabet von Koralle : We have decided that we will
join you at your camp.
May von Earlsheid : Yes. (0:07:02.23)
August von Earlshide : Don't be ridiculous! It may be a "camp,"
but it isn't fun and games!
August von Earlshide : There's no way you're getting
permission to come with me!
Diseum von Earlsheid : Why don't you take them with you? (0:07:10.28)
August von Earlshide : Father! (0:07:13.37)
May von Earlsheid : I knew you'd come through, Father! (0:07:15.20)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Master Merlin and Mistress Melida are there, (0:07:17.62)
Diseum von Earlsheid : and you're using Shin's magic to
get there. There won't be any issues.
Diseum von Earlsheid : It will be nice to let them stay
in a hot springs area for a change.
Elisabet von Koralle : I have my father's permission, as well. (0:07:28.26)
Shin Wolford : Ellie, May, it's safe to come across. (0:07:35.47)
May von Earlsheid : We were just inside the castle
a second ago, and we're already here!
August von Earlshide : May, be careful not to get too excited
and get separated from us.
Shin Wolford : Here, May. (0:07:50.11)
Shin Wolford : We can't have you getting lost, after all. (0:07:52.36)
May von Earlsheid : Okay! (0:07:54.82)
August von Earlshide : May, do as Shin tells you
so you don't get separated.
August von Earlshide : Ellie, (0:08:00.70)
August von Earlshide : this camp is for hands-on training in magic. (0:08:02.08)
August von Earlshide : We don't have time to wait on you two. (0:08:05.75)
Elisabet von Koralle : I won't be in the way. I just have to
make sure you remain pest-free.
Shin Wolford : Oh, that makes sense. We do have
girls at the camp, as well.
Shin Wolford : You don't trust him around them? (0:08:18.81)
Elisabet von Koralle : No, it isn't them. (0:08:21.06)
Elisabet von Koralle : The one I distrust more
than anyone is you , Shin!
Shin Wolford : Huh?! (0:08:30.19)
Elisabet von Koralle : I mean, you should hear August! (0:08:31.78)
Elisabet von Koralle : Every time he opens his mouth,
it's Shin this, Shin that, Shin the other!
Elisabet von Koralle : Shin, Shin, Shin! You can't
blame me for being distrustful!
Shin Wolford : Oh, no, no! (0:08:41.87)
Shin Wolford : --Yes, I can! Me and Aug?
I don't even want to think about it!
Shin Wolford : --Shin...
--Yes, I can! Me and Aug?
I don't even want to think about it!
August von Earlshide : --Shin...
--Yes, I can! Me and Aug?
I don't even want to think about it!
Shin Wolford : --August...
--Yes, I can! Me and Aug?
I don't even want to think about it!
EXTRA : --Call me Aug...
--Yes, I can! Me and Aug?
I don't even want to think about it!
EXTRA : --"Please call me Aug," you mean.
--That's grown-up talk!
August von Earlshide : Well, the fact is, I am pretty happy
to make a friend I feel so at home around.
Elisabet von Koralle : August, you feel like you can't
be yourself when you're with me?!
August von Earlshide : That's not true. (0:09:01.97)
August von Earlshide : When I'm with you, I feel peace of mind. (0:09:04.39)
August von Earlshide : I'm able to horse around
when I'm with another guy.
August von Earlshide : This is a new experience for me,
and I got a little carried away.
August von Earlshide : Please understand, Ellie. (0:09:16.78)
Elisabet von Koralle : Is that why? (0:09:18.07)
August von Earlshide : Besides, Shin already has a girl. (0:09:20.28)
Elisabet von Koralle : He does? (0:09:23.54)
Shin Wolford : Aug! What are you talking about?! (0:09:25.87)
August von Earlshide : It's true, isn't it? (0:09:28.63)
August von Earlshide : Shin, now's a good time.
You should make things clear.
Shin Wolford : Make what clear? (0:09:35.47)
August von Earlshide : Where you stand. (0:09:37.43)
August von Earlshide : I know that the two of you
have affection for each other.
Shin Wolford : For each other? Sure, Sizilien is nice to me, (0:09:43.85)
Shin Wolford : but that's because Sizilien is just nice. (0:09:47.52)
Shin Wolford : How do you know she has affection for me? (0:09:50.69)
August von Earlshide : I can tell just by watching. (0:09:54.07)
Shin Wolford : How can you say that for sure?
What am I supposed to do if you're wrong?
August von Earlshide : Then do you want to keep
going the way things are?
August von Earlshide : Of course you don't know how she feels. (0:10:03.24)
August von Earlshide : Or would you rather make
her come out and say it,
August von Earlshide : telling yourself you don't
have enough courage?
Shin Wolford : Well, I... (0:10:12.75)
August von Earlshide : We've been together since we were
little kids, and now we're engaged,
August von Earlshide : but we still have these kinds of
misunderstandings, don't we?
Elisabet von Koralle : Would you mind not using me as an example? (0:10:22.01)
Sicily von Claude : You two are joining us at our camp? (0:10:31.40)
August von Earlshide : As events would have it, yes. (0:10:33.19)
August von Earlshide : Sorry to ask, Klode, but could
you put them up, as well?
Sicily von Claude : Of course I don't mind. (0:10:38.03)
Elisabet von Koralle : We won't get in the way of your training. (0:10:40.20)
Sicily von Claude : Is anything the matter? (0:10:43.66)
Shin Wolford : Huh?! A-Anything?!
E-Everything's perfectly normal!
Sicily von Claude : Okay... (0:10:48.04)
Elisabet von Koralle : Ah, so all of that talk earlier
was about you , Sizilien.
May von Earlsheid : Shin and Sizilien, you make a cute couple. (0:10:52.96)
Sicily von Claude : Huh?! (0:10:56.05)
Shin Wolford : Wah! Nothing! (0:10:57.84)
Elisabet von Koralle : I am Elisabet von Koralle. (0:11:07.02)
May von Earlsheid : B-Big Brother August's
little sister, May. Um... Um...
Shin Wolford : May is a big fan of yours. (0:11:14.69)
Merida Bowen : My, my... (0:11:17.90)
Merida Bowen : You must be disappointed
that I'm such an old woman.
May von Earlsheid : N-Not at all! Y-You're very pretty! (0:11:22.95)
May von Earlsheid : Um, if you don't mind, can I shake your hand? (0:11:27.58)
Merida Bowen : Heh-heh, sure. (0:11:30.25)
Merida Bowen : Girls are so adorable. Not at all like Shin. (0:11:33.00)
Shin Wolford : Well excuse me. You know, I did take
your hand a lot when I was little.
Merida Bowen : That's because there was no telling
what you'd do if I wasn't watching.
Merida Bowen : It was to keep you under my thumb. (0:11:48.27)
Maria von Messina : I can understand how Mistress Melida feels. (0:11:50.68)
Alice Corner : She must have been beside herself
worrying about little Shin.
Lyn Hughes : Very efficient. (0:11:56.44)
Yuri Carlton : It's so hard to raise a child. (0:11:58.19)
Olivia Stone : I just pray that my children are normal. (0:12:00.36)
Sicily von Claude : Um, I, uh... (0:12:04.57)
Shin Wolford : It's okay, Sizilien. You don't
have to spare my feelings.
Sicily von Claude : N-No! (0:12:10.45)
Sicily von Claude : I don't think that at all! Shin,
I think our children will be adorable,
Sicily von Claude : and I would gladly hold their hands! (0:12:16.88)
Sicily von Claude : H-Huh? Wh-What did I just say? (0:12:22.42)
Maria von Messina : Sizilien, look at you! (0:12:26.43)
Alice Corner : Whoo! Whoo! (0:12:28.47)
Yuri Carlton : Wow, how bold! (0:12:29.93)
Lyn Hughes : What a spectacular implosion. (0:12:32.14)
August von Earlshide : Shin, you get it, right? (0:12:40.82)
Shin Wolford : Yeah. When she puts it that way,
I'm not that dense.
August von Earlshide : But you are dense enough
that she had to put it that way.
August von Earlshide : Well, good luck. (0:12:51.75)
Shin Wolford : Yeah. (0:12:53.62)
Sicily von Claude : Shin? (0:13:18.15)
Sicily von Claude : Wh-What's going on? (0:13:19.65)
Shin Wolford : O-Oh, I just got out of the hot spring,
and thought I'd cool off a bit.
Shin Wolford : How about you? (0:13:24.65)
Sicily von Claude : I got a bit overheated
in the hot spring, too.
Shin Wolford : Oh. (0:13:28.99)
Sicily von Claude : Listen... (0:13:40.25)
Sicily von Claude : I apologize for earlier. (0:13:42.30)
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:13:44.67)
Shin Wolford : Oh... It didn't really bother me.
In fact, I'm flattered.
Shin Wolford : Tell me, Sizilien, (0:13:53.64)
Shin Wolford : do you remember when we first met? (0:13:55.56)
Sicily von Claude : Yes, I remember. Maria and I
were being held up by those men.
Shin Wolford : And when I asked if they
were bothering you...
Sicily von Claude : ...Maria said "They're ultra-bothering us!" (0:14:07.07)
Sicily von Claude : Ever since then, you've done
nothing but help me out.
Shin Wolford : Listen, (0:14:16.79)
Shin Wolford : the first time I saw you, it was
like lightning struck my head.
Sicily von Claude : Huh? (0:14:22.09)
Shin Wolford : I thought, what a cute girl she is. (0:14:22.92)
Sicily von Claude : Ah... I-I, um... I also thought,
what a handsome man he is...
Shin Wolford : R-Really?! (0:14:34.97)
Sicily von Claude : Yes. (0:14:36.85)
Shin Wolford : Sizilien... (0:14:39.35)
Sicily von Claude : Y-Yes? (0:14:40.73)
Shin Wolford : I love you. (0:14:45.03)
Sicily von Claude : I'm so happy. You're such
a nice boy... that...
Sicily von Claude : ...I thought you were just
being nice to me, too...
Shin Wolford : That's the way I led you to think? (0:15:01.21)
Sicily von Claude : But... But... you just told me
that isn't the case!
Sicily von Claude : I love you, too. I love you, Shin! (0:15:10.26)
Shin Wolford : Sizilien... (0:15:14.64)
Sicily von Claude : Yes? (0:15:15.89)
Shin Wolford : Would you... be my girlfriend? (0:15:16.77)
Sicily von Claude : Yes! (0:15:20.77)
Maria von Messina : Whoa! (0:15:27.11)
Sicily von Claude : Wh-Wh-Wha-- (0:15:37.16)
Shin Wolford : Were you all snooping around?! (0:15:39.08)
Maria von Messina : There was no way we were going
to miss a big event like this!
Alice Corner : There was no way we were going
to miss a big event like this!
Shin Wolford : Don't turn this around on me ! (0:15:45.00)
August von Earlshide : I was the one who lit a fire under you, Shin, (0:15:46.84)
August von Earlshide : so I was obligated to see it
through to the end.
Elisabet von Koralle : And I share the same responsibility. (0:15:51.55)
May von Earlsheid : Adult situations! (0:15:53.26)
Merida Bowen : Shin, way to tell her! Nicely done! (0:15:55.22)
Shin Wolford : Well, there you have it. (0:16:02.31)
Shin Wolford : Sizilien and I are now
boyfriend and girlfriend.
EXTRA : Why, we are going to have to
throw a celebration tomorrow!
Shin Wolford : You're here, too? (0:16:12.78)
August von Earlshide : Shin, first, let me say congratulations. (0:16:16.20)
August von Earlshide : But we're still in the middle of a crisis. (0:16:19.66)
August von Earlshide : Be sure you're not so caught up in your
relationship you neglect your training.
Shin Wolford : Then why did you even get me started? (0:16:26.67)
August von Earlshide : "I'm going to declare my love for her
once the battle is over."
August von Earlshide : If this were a story, anyone who said
that is pretty well doomed to die.
Shin Wolford : You were defusing a death flag? (0:16:36.68)
Shin Wolford : Okay, (0:16:43.39)
Shin Wolford : listen up, everyone. We're going to start
some new magic training now.
Alice Corner : Huh? Training? (0:16:48.86)
Yuri Carlton : After coming all the way
out here in bathing suits?
Shin Wolford : Yeah, using this specially-made ball. (0:16:53.11)
Elisabet von Koralle : What are they about to do? (0:16:57.53)
Merida Bowen : I don't know about this. (0:16:59.45)
Shin Wolford : Those are the rules. Any questions? (0:17:03.37)
Lyn Hughes : We're free to use our magic? (0:17:06.17)
Shin Wolford : Yes, but only on the ball.
Anything else is against the rules.
Shin Wolford : Don't do anything crazy and hurt yourselves! (0:17:16.80)
Alice Corner : Right! (0:17:18.97)
Alice Corner : Okay, here we go! (0:17:20.14)
Shin Wolford : Huh?! (0:17:24.98)
Shin Wolford : She's so high! Oh, I see. (0:17:27.94)
Shin Wolford : Physical enhancement. (0:17:30.15)
Olivia Stone : I've got it! (0:17:35.74)
Thor von Flegel : Nice one, Olivia! (0:17:37.87)
Tony Freide : Wind Vision! (0:17:41.24)
August von Earlshide : Oh, no, you don't! (0:17:43.41)
Tony Freide : What?! (0:17:44.62)
Maria von Messina : Lyn! (0:17:46.04)
Lyn Hughes : Got it! (0:17:46.75)
Lyn Hughes : Flame Attack! (0:17:47.96)
Yuri Carlton : Aw, fiddlesticks! (0:17:58.51)
Tony Freide : Not bad. (0:18:00.64)
Alice Corner : Nice, Lyn. (0:18:03.22)
Sicily von Claude : You're all so amazing! (0:18:06.48)
Julius von Littenheim : Who knew you could use magic like this? (0:18:08.15)
Mark Bean : Leave it to you, Wolford!
You sure think differently!
Shin Wolford : Yeah, uh... (0:18:14.82)
Shin Wolford : Why is everyone so fired up? (0:18:16.99)
May von Earlsheid : Aw, I want to play, too! (0:18:19.03)
Elisabet von Koralle : --Give it up. If you get
mixed in with that bunch...
EXTRA : --Ah, heads up!
--Give it up. If you get
mixed in with that bunch...
Alice Corner : Sorry! (0:18:33.55)
Lyn Hughes : My footing slipped. (0:18:34.63)
Elisabet von Koralle : That was dangerous, you know. (0:18:36.26)
Merida Bowen : Hey, you two! What kind of crazy
training do you think you're doing?!
Alice Corner : --We're sorry.
--We're sorry.
Lyn Hughes : --We're sorry.
--We're sorry.
Merlin Walford : I'm just glad everyone's safe. (0:18:47.27)
Merlin Walford : Besides, this is all within
reason, in its own way.
Merlin Walford : One must measure both magic control
and yield at the same time.
Merlin Walford : Okay, back to your training. (0:18:59.28)
EXTRA : Right! (0:19:01.82)
Maria von Messina : Spiral Flame Burst! (0:19:03.03)
Sicily von Claude : Lightning Thunder Tornado! (0:19:05.91)
Shin Wolford : Talk about self-deluded magic recitals... (0:19:08.29)
Shin Wolford : I've been wondering, when did
all of you guys meet Aug and Ellie?
Sicily von Claude : When we were five. (0:19:17.46)
Maria von Messina : Royals and nobles have a coming-out
party when we turn five.
Shin Wolford : Oh, yeah? (0:19:23.39)
Shin Wolford : So the nobility are all kind of
like kindergarten friends.
Julius von Littenheim : At that age, Thor was
often mistaken for a girl.
Thor von Flegel : Could you please not bring up my dark past? (0:19:32.56)
Shin Wolford : Must be nice. When I was five,
I was hunting deer in the forest.
Thor von Flegel : That sounds pretty amazing, in its own way. (0:19:39.61)
Maria von Messina : Oh, coming-out parties! That takes me back! (0:19:41.91)
Maria von Messina : There sure were a lot of girls
surrounding Prince August.
August von Earlshide : Ugh, that was the worst. (0:19:48.87)
August von Earlshide : All of those young mademoiselles
trying to make good first impressions.
Shin Wolford : You're royalty, after all. (0:19:56.25)
Elisabet von Koralle : I didn't even get close to August. (0:19:58.17)
August von Earlshide : Hey, you. (0:20:02.13)
Elisabet von Koralle : Yes? (0:20:03.72)
August von Earlshide : I will permit you to be with me. (0:20:04.76)
Elisabet von Koralle : That's all right. (0:20:07.39)
Elisabet von Koralle : After all, being with the prince
sounds like a lot of trouble.
August von Earlshide : Ellie was the only one among them
who didn't try to butter me up.
August von Earlshide : That's when I became interested in her. (0:20:18.44)
August von Earlshide : I was struck by the cold look she gave
the other little misses clamoring around.
Elisabet von Koralle : August, everyone can hear you. (0:20:25.66)
Maria von Messina : Aw, why doesn't anyone ever choose me? (0:20:29.62)
Maria von Messina : Not the prince, not the hero's grandson-- (0:20:33.96)
Maria von Messina : I've missed out on every
chance that comes around.
Alice Corner : I've never even had any chances. (0:20:38.71)
Lyn Hughes : I'm in love with my magic. (0:20:41.47)
Maria von Messina : What about you, Yuri? You must
have had a boyfriend or two.
Yuri Carlton : Hmm, that's... my... se... cret. (0:20:48.01)
Alice Corner : Yuri, that's no fair! (0:20:52.69)
Shin Wolford : Shh! (0:20:55.98)
Merida Bowen : Quiet down, already, all of you!
Tomorrow we've got--
Merida Bowen : Oh...? (0:21:05.41)
Merida Bowen : I thought I heard talking in here. (0:21:07.66)
Merida Bowen : I guess I'm imagining things. (0:21:10.49)
Shin Wolford : S-Sizilien? (0:21:16.88)
Sicily von Claude : Y-Yes? (0:21:18.42)
Shin Wolford : Sorry, am I too heavy? (0:21:20.17)
Sicily von Claude : I-It isn't that... (0:21:21.96)
Shin Wolford : Sizilien? (0:21:26.30)
Sicily von Claude : Y-Your hand is... (0:21:31.43)
Shin Wolford : My hand? (0:21:33.89)
Shin Wolford : I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! (0:21:38.31)
Merida Bowen : Shin! What do you think you're doing?! (0:21:42.94)
Merida Bowen : You just starting dating, and you're
already taking it to the next level?!
Shin Wolford : No, I was just, um... (0:21:49.33)
Merida Bowen : Do not make excuses! (0:21:51.58)
Lyn Hughes : Wolford, you horndog! (0:21:55.16)
Maria von Messina : Aw, Sizilien is... (0:21:57.42)
Maria von Messina : Sizilien is getting so far ahead of me! (0:21:59.59)
Christina Hayden : The rest of you! Get up
and come sit over here!
EXTRA : --We're sorry!
--We're sorry!

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