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Akko Kagari is angry with Froylan for being late for their date

アッコ・カガリ (Atsuko Kagari) | Share ▼

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ID 65310
Wealth Diamonds 2 Sapphires 59 Rubies 54
Role Protagonist
登場作品名 Little Witch Academia (movie)
作品形式 movie
声優 Megumi Han, 潘めぐみ, はん めぐみ
声優 Erica Mendez, ,
声優 Ana Elena Bittencourt, ,
Tags thigh-high boots, dress, belt, witch, hat, ponytail
Birthday June 25
Sign Cancer ♋

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Akko Kagari is a character from the Movie Little Witch Academia (movie).

They have been indexed as 女性 十代 with 茶色 eyes and 茶色 hair that is 胸まで length.

Trait Appears (actual)
性別 女性
目の色 茶色
毛の色 茶色
毛の長さ 胸まで
大まかな年齢区分 十代
みみっこ なし
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