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Print View Jul 10, 2011 | Rei
Finished adding a Print View option to every page.

See the footer for the "Print" link.

Here's an example using the news.

I've always been drawn to simplicity, but development always seems to lead away from simplicity. ACDBv2 was designed to be a simple site. But after 7 months, it's now every bit as bloated and complex as ACDBv1 was. lol This Print View at least allows us to turn back the clock a bit in removing the Top and Side focusing in on just the content.

Also nice to see W3C validates at least some of my code in the print view. I've been at odds with them for some time now. We'll never see eye-to-eye on the issue of id's. I've read the CSS specification top to bottom. Studied more than a dozen ways of using CSS. There is no other way to create style zones like ID's do. So f*** them.

Also used my first if ? : block. Made the most sense for auto generating valid print links.

if( $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] ? $PRINT = "$DEFAULT_ACTION&printview" : $PRINT = "$DEFAULT_ACTION?printview" )

Probably never use that syntax every again, but hey, I wanted a one liner, and it seemed the best way to do it. Using a traditional if-else block is all round easier to read though.

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