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Dark Gathering Episode 1 Quotes Sep 16, 2023 | RinaK
Transcript - 348 new quotes

Dark Gathering

The power to attract spirits, a curse to Keitarou and one he has to face everyday.
After many years of reclusion due to these powers, Keitarou's friend, Eiko, finally can see him overcome his fears and enroll in the same university as her.
Entering the tutoring program, Keitarou finds himself at Eiko's house, not to tutor her, but for her little cousin.
Yayoi is an exceptionally gifted girl, with an IQ of 160. Among her incredible intelligence, the girl carries the power of seeing spirits.
Noticing that her tutor can also sense spirits, Yayoi sets out to drag her new supernatural companion into the most haunted locations.

Featuring Characters
Doctor | CV: Hironori Miyata, 宮田浩徳, みやた ひろのり | 3 lines
Eiko Houzuki | CV: Kana Hanazawa, 花澤香菜, はなざわ かな | 71 lines
Keitarou Gentouga | CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki, 島﨑信長, しまざき のぶなが | 128 lines
Yayoi Houzuki | CV: Yuu Sasahara, 篠原侑, ささはら ゆう | 85 lines
Yayoi's Father | CV: Fumitake Ishiguro, 石黒史剛, いしぐろ ふみたけ | 3 lines
Yayoi's Mother | CV: Yurika Hino, 日野由利加, ひの ゆりか | 3 lines

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