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Yayoi Houzuki : Even if you try to hide in a bathroom... (0:00:43.33)
Yayoi Houzuki : I will... (0:00:49.79)
Yayoi Houzuki : ...find you. (0:00:52.00)
EXTRA : Here to present the freshman welcome address...
is freshman class representative Keitaro Gentoga.
EXTRA : The hightest scorer on the entrance exam
gets to give the speech, right?
EXTRA : Whoa! (0:02:42.50)
Keitarou Gentouga : I hate the supernatural. (0:02:58.29)
Keitarou Gentouga : Should've known it'd end up cursed. (0:03:08.88)
Eiko Houzuki : I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have badgered you into it... (0:03:13.17)
Keitarou Gentouga : It's fine, Eiko. It's not your fault. (0:03:16.63)
Keitarou Gentouga : Literally every photo taken of me turns out like that. (0:03:21.21)
Keitarou Gentouga : Spirits are naturally drawn to me. (0:03:27.25)
Keitarou Gentouga : Back in middle school,
I got tangled up with a nasty spirit,
Keitarou Gentouga : and a good friend got dragged into it, too. (0:03:34.88)
Keitarou Gentouga : For the next two years, (0:03:38.33)
Keitarou Gentouga : I was so afraid of getting anyone else hurt,
that I refused to leave my room.
Keitarou Gentouga : But with the help of my old friend Eiko,
my family, and the people around me,
Keitarou Gentouga : last year, I started trying to live a normal life in society. (0:03:48.29)
Keitarou Gentouga : I even managed to catch up with school. (0:03:55.25)
Eiko Houzuki : Oh, yeah, did you hear back from the tutoring place? (0:03:58.29)
Keitarou Gentouga : You mean the one you recommended? I got the job. (0:04:01.88)
Eiko Houzuki : Yay! I got the idea
for Private Tutor Square from my cousin!
Eiko Houzuki : She gets tutoring there. (0:04:11.00)
Keitarou Gentouga : Really? Is that why you suggested it to me? (0:04:12.08)
Eiko Houzuki : Freshman class rep and a tutor. (0:04:17.83)
Eiko Houzuki : Both are huge steps forward
to getting your normal life back.
Eiko Houzuki : Plus... (0:04:24.63)
Eiko Houzuki : We get to go to the same school again! (0:04:26.75)
Eiko Houzuki : It's gonna be so great! (0:04:29.54)
Keitarou Gentouga : Yeah... (0:04:32.71)
Keitarou Gentouga : All those years being a recluse
have really crippled my social skills.
Keitarou Gentouga : Not to mention all the spirits drawn to me.
My work's cut out for me.
Keitarou Gentouga : But I'm going to live a normal life! (0:04:46.38)
EXTRA : Okay, this is the girl you're in charge of. (0:04:49.04)
Keitarou Gentouga : Y-yes, sir! (0:04:51.63)
EXTRA : You can relax a little, you know... (0:04:52.75)
Keitarou Gentouga : Yes, sir... (0:04:54.96)
EXTRA : I don't blame you, though.
This girl is our most promising student.
EXTRA : She's a real prodigy. (0:05:00.92)
Yayoi Houzuki : Come out, come out, (0:05:04.79)
Yayoi Houzuki : come out... (0:05:08.50)
EXTRA : With you being class rep,
they specifically wanted you as her tutor.
EXTRA : We know you'll do great. (0:05:14.46)
Keitarou Gentouga : I thought the name was just a coincidence... (0:05:17.42)
Eiko Houzuki : Kei-kun? What are you doing here? (0:05:22.83)
Keitarou Gentouga : Uh, I'm here for my job. Did I get the place wrong? (0:05:24.58)
Keitarou Gentouga : You don't have a little sister, do you? (0:05:28.88)
Eiko Houzuki : Oh! I have a little cousin,
and she's been living with me for the past year!
Keitarou Gentouga : Wait, so she's the one I'm here for? (0:05:36.46)
Eiko Houzuki : That must be it! What a crazy coincidence! (0:05:38.96)
Eiko Houzuki : I can't believe you're going to be tutoring her, Kei-kun! (0:05:42.54)
Eiko Houzuki : Hey, your tutor is here! (0:05:45.96)
Keitarou Gentouga : Eiko! What kind of creature are you living with?! (0:05:56.04)
Eiko Houzuki : Huh? What creature? (0:05:59.58)
Eiko Houzuki : That's my little cousin, Yayoi Hozuki. (0:06:01.79)
Keitarou Gentouga : She has two pupils in each eye... (0:06:08.46)
Yayoi Houzuki : There's a real big one on your right hand. (0:06:12.67)
Keitarou Gentouga : Sh-she can see it! (0:06:17.75)
Keitarou Gentouga : Whoa... (0:06:21.58)
Keitarou Gentouga : Is this horrible feeling... (0:06:23.67)
Keitarou Gentouga : ...coming from THAT? (0:06:27.13)
Keitarou Gentouga : You... You need to get away from that plushie! (0:06:30.46)
Yayoi Houzuki : Sorry about him. (0:06:36.21)
Yayoi Houzuki : I'll choke him out for you. (0:06:37.50)
Keitarou Gentouga : There's no doubt about it.
She can see spirits, just like me.
Keitarou Gentouga : She might be even more sensitive than me, actually! (0:06:45.79)
Eiko Houzuki : Kei-kun, what's wrong? (0:06:48.92)
Keitarou Gentouga : Right... (0:06:52.54)
Keitarou Gentouga : C'mon, me! (0:06:57.54)
Keitarou Gentouga : My name's Keitaro Gentoga.
I'm going to be your home tutor.
Keitarou Gentouga : Nice to meet you. (0:07:05.75)
Yayoi Houzuki : Keitaro-sensei. (0:07:07.83)
Yayoi Houzuki : Let's go somewhere haunted. (0:07:09.88)
Keitarou Gentouga : What?! (0:07:11.83)
Keitarou Gentouga : Hold on! I'm here to help you study! (0:07:13.63)
Yayoi Houzuki : I know. (0:07:16.33)
Yayoi Houzuki : But spirits really like you,
so we'll probably see one if we go.
Keitarou Gentouga : She's definitely not human! (0:07:23.50)
Keitarou Gentouga : No, we really should study instead! (0:07:26.75)
Yayoi Houzuki : Hello, Private Tutor Square? (0:07:29.04)
Yayoi Houzuki : Keitaro-sensei just asked cute, little me:
"Mwehehe, what kinda panties you wearin', little girl?"
Keitarou Gentouga : I didn't! I swear I didn't! (0:07:35.83)
Keitarou Gentouga : Eiko, you've gotta help me! (0:07:37.38)
Eiko Houzuki : Ready to roll here! (0:07:38.92)
Keitarou Gentouga : Come on! (0:07:40.50)
Yayoi Houzuki : Let's gooo... (0:07:42.79)
Eiko Houzuki : ...oost! (0:07:44.08)
Keitarou Gentouga : This is not what I signed up for! (0:07:48.13)
Keitarou Gentouga : I wanna bail out and run! (0:07:50.29)
Keitarou Gentouga : Eiko, what the hell?! (0:07:53.71)
Keitarou Gentouga : You know this isn't safe! (0:07:55.67)
Eiko Houzuki : Yayoi-chan is always begging me to go, (0:07:58.13)
Eiko Houzuki : but I always say no. (0:08:01.96)
Keitarou Gentouga : So say no again! (0:08:04.54)
Eiko Houzuki : But I figured we'd be fine
if someone as experienced as you came along!
Keitarou Gentouga : But I can only sense them, not see them,
and I definitely can't exorcise them!
Eiko Houzuki : Well, if things get really bad, we'll just leave! (0:08:13.88)
Eiko Houzuki : Maybe this'll just end up being a fun little drive. (0:08:16.96)
Keitarou Gentouga : So... I'm already getting mad chills. (0:08:25.83)
Eiko Houzuki : What? But we still have a whole kilometer to go. (0:08:29.13)
Keitarou Gentouga : If I can feel it from this far out,
we should probably turn around now.
Yayoi Houzuki : You a scaredy-cat, Keitaro? (0:08:36.17)
Keitarou Gentouga : What happened to "sensei"?! (0:08:38.54)
Keitarou Gentouga : Eiko! (0:08:40.58)
Yayoi Houzuki : It's fine. (0:08:43.29)
Keitarou Gentouga : What the hell is wrong with this girl?! (0:08:48.88)
Eiko Houzuki : Here we are! (0:08:58.50)
Eiko Houzuki : The Haunted Phone Booth of H City! (0:09:00.17)
Eiko Houzuki : I haven't told you the story behind this place, have I? (0:09:02.96)
Keitarou Gentouga : I don't want to hear it... (0:09:06.08)
Eiko Houzuki : Apparently, it's haunted by the ghost of a young woman. (0:09:07.67)
Keitarou Gentouga : I just told you, I don't want to hear it! (0:09:12.04)
Yayoi Houzuki : Keep it up. You're setting the mood. (0:09:14.04)
Eiko Houzuki : One story says a popular hostess
was assaulted and murdered here.
Eiko Houzuki : The hostess made her customers
go into debt to shower her with gifts,
Eiko Houzuki : then ghosted them when they ran out of cash. (0:09:28.38)
Eiko Houzuki : So a few of them stalked her one night, (0:09:31.75)
Eiko Houzuki : and when she got cornered in this phone booth,
she had nowhere left to run...
Eiko Houzuki : That's when... (0:09:39.67)
Eiko Houzuki : Now, she bears a grudge, (0:09:42.25)
Eiko Houzuki : swearing she won't be the only one
to meet such a gruesome end.
Eiko Houzuki : Anyone who dares enter or even call this phone booth... (0:09:48.21)
Eiko Houzuki : ...will meet the same horrific fate! (0:09:51.54)
Keitarou Gentouga : Wait, how would anyone know
the number of a public pay phone?
Eiko Houzuki : Someone posted it online. (0:09:59.96)
Keitarou Gentouga : Dude! (0:10:01.42)
Keitarou Gentouga : Whoa, the hell are you doing?! Didn't you hear her?
Going in there is bad news!
Keitarou Gentouga : You okay? Anything hurt you?! (0:10:12.29)
Yayoi Houzuki : I didn't see anything. (0:10:14.08)
Eiko Houzuki : Her story was pretty convoluted.
Might've just been made up.
Keitarou Gentouga : This is so stupid... (0:10:21.79)
Keitarou Gentouga : But the chills I'm getting are the real deal. (0:10:25.58)
Yayoi Houzuki : Then time for Plan B. (0:10:29.25)
Keitarou Gentouga : Hello?! (0:10:30.92)
Keitarou Gentouga : I just told you no! (0:10:31.92)
Yayoi Houzuki : Give it back. (0:10:34.50)
Keitarou Gentouga : How are you this strong?! (0:10:35.50)
Eiko Houzuki : I can call! (0:10:37.46)
Keitarou Gentouga : Is anyone listening to me?! (0:10:39.08)
Keitarou Gentouga : You know this place is dangerous, right?! (0:10:40.71)
Eiko Houzuki : Actually, I don't. I can't sense the supernatural. (0:10:42.79)
Yayoi Houzuki : Eiko, go! (0:10:46.13)
Keitarou Gentouga : What if something happens to them?! (0:10:49.63)
Keitarou Gentouga : Dammit! (0:10:53.29)
Keitarou Gentouga : F-fine, I'll make the call! (0:10:54.83)
Keitarou Gentouga : And if nothing happens, we're going home! (0:10:59.88)
EXTRA : Help... (0:11:09.96)
EXTRA : Hurry... (0:11:14.67)
EXTRA : Help me... (0:11:18.58)
EXTRA : Hurry... (0:11:22.67)
EXTRA : Hurry... (0:11:28.75)
Keitarou Gentouga : Wh-what are you...? (0:11:34.13)
Keitarou Gentouga : OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD! IT'S GONNA KILL US! (0:11:45.92)
Yayoi Houzuki : No. (0:11:52.67)
Yayoi Houzuki : It killed something else. (0:11:55.29)
Keitarou Gentouga : What the hell is wrong with this ghost-crazy girl?! (0:12:01.79)
Eiko Houzuki : She just thinks ghosts are cool! (0:12:05.92)
Yayoi Houzuki : I'm just cool, period. (0:12:07.42)
Keitarou Gentouga : You shouldn't go to these dangerous places!
What would your parents think?!
Keitarou Gentouga : It's time to start studying! (0:12:13.96)
Eiko Houzuki : K..Kei-kun! (0:12:16.96)
Eiko Houzuki : When you're done studying, can we talk? (0:12:18.42)
Keitarou Gentouga : Uh, sure... (0:12:21.63)
Keitarou Gentouga : I gave her questions from a tough middle school
entrance exam, and she got them all right.
Keitarou Gentouga : If she's this intelligent,
I shouldn't assume she's just got a screw loose...
Keitarou Gentouga : Yayoi-chan, you can see those spirits? (0:12:38.13)
Yayoi Houzuki : I catch them in 4K. (0:12:40.79)
Keitarou Gentouga : And you like them? (0:12:43.33)
Yayoi Houzuki : As much as I like plushies. (0:12:44.79)
Yayoi Houzuki : All done. (0:12:46.71)
Keitarou Gentouga : Oh, great, thanks. (0:12:47.58)
Yayoi Houzuki : Back to that phone booth. (0:12:51.00)
Yayoi Houzuki : The spirit wouldn't come out for me,
but it did the second you called.
Yayoi Houzuki : How often do you attract spirits? (0:13:00.67)
Keitarou Gentouga : If the place is supposed to be haunted?
100 percent of the time.
Yayoi Houzuki : Okay! Let's see what you can do! (0:13:10.38)
Yayoi Houzuki : Keitaro, you suck. (0:13:17.00)
Eiko Houzuki : Sorry to keep you so late. (0:13:21.08)
Keitarou Gentouga : It's okay. (0:13:23.08)
Keitarou Gentouga : So... What's up? (0:13:24.58)
Eiko Houzuki : Could you not get so mad at Yayoi-chan? (0:13:28.21)
Keitarou Gentouga : Huh? (0:13:32.21)
Eiko Houzuki : Remember how I said
she started living with me last year?
Eiko Houzuki : That's because a year and a half ago, (0:13:37.17)
Eiko Houzuki : she lost both her parents in a car accident. (0:13:40.58)
Keitarou Gentouga : I'm so sorry... (0:13:46.33)
Eiko Houzuki : I think the reason she wants to go to haunted places... (0:13:48.79)
Eiko Houzuki : because she's looking for her mother. (0:13:51.88)
Keitarou Gentouga : Huh? (0:13:54.88)
Doctor : We couldn't determine what caused the change, (0:13:58.33)
Doctor : but from our exam, her double pupils
don't seem to be impairing her vision.
Yayoi's Mother : She says she has some kind
of double vision, though. Right?
Yayoi Houzuki : Uh-huh. (0:14:09.17)
Yayoi Houzuki : I see normal things and shadowy things. (0:14:11.96)
Doctor : Well, let's just keep an eye on it and see how things go. (0:14:18.83)
Yayoi Houzuki : Mommy? (0:14:37.83)
Yayoi's Mother : Let's go to the amusement park with Daddy soon! (0:14:39.83)
Yayoi Houzuki : Okay! (0:14:44.00)
Yayoi's Father : Did you have fun at the amusement park today, Yayoi? (0:14:48.08)
Yayoi Houzuki : Yeah! Let's go for another round! (0:14:51.33)
Yayoi's Father : Picked up on me saying that, did you? (0:14:54.79)
Yayoi's Mother : You do say it a lot, hon. (0:14:57.50)
Yayoi's Father : You got me there... (0:14:59.88)
Yayoi Houzuki : Daddy... (0:15:01.75)
EXTRA : Have you heard the story? (0:15:15.33)
EXTRA : You know, the one about the girl in 603,
who lost her parents.
EXTRA : Oh, the head injury? (0:15:21.04)
EXTRA : They tested her cognitive function,
and she scored an IQ of 160...
EXTRA : and it was average before the accident! (0:15:28.38)
Yayoi Houzuki : I get it now. I used to see two different worlds. (0:15:31.67)
Yayoi Houzuki : The real world, (0:15:38.04)
Yayoi Houzuki : and the spirit world. (0:15:40.17)
Yayoi Houzuki : But after the accident... (0:15:42.38)
Yayoi Houzuki : ...I can see them at the same time! (0:15:45.21)
Yayoi Houzuki : If that's right... (0:15:49.00)
Yayoi Houzuki : ...then the first thing I saw when I came to... (0:15:52.96)
Yayoi Houzuki : ...was real. (0:16:01.50)
Yayoi Houzuki : That thing took Mommy away. (0:16:04.04)
Yayoi Houzuki : I love my Mommy and Daddy. (0:16:16.58)
Yayoi Houzuki : Just wait a little longer. (0:16:21.63)
Yayoi Houzuki : I'll bring Mommy home. (0:16:26.58)
Yayoi Houzuki : I promise. (0:16:30.54)
Eiko Houzuki : Yayoi-chan can see spirits,
but she hasn't seen her mom yet.
Eiko Houzuki : I think she's lonely. (0:16:43.79)
Keitarou Gentouga : Yayoi-chan... (0:16:45.42)
Keitarou Gentouga : This condition made me avoid people for a while, too. (0:16:47.29)
Keitarou Gentouga : I know I only randomly ended up as her tutor... (0:16:51.92)
Keitarou Gentouga : ...but maybe there's something I can do to help her. (0:16:54.88)
Yayoi Houzuki : Let's go on a date, Keitaro! (0:17:10.17)
Eiko Houzuki : Wow, Yayoi-chan, way to make a move! (0:17:12.21)
Keitarou Gentouga : Like, right now?! (0:17:15.29)
Yayoi Houzuki : This is for you. (0:17:17.88)
Yayoi Houzuki : It will protect you from baddies. (0:17:20.75)
Keitarou Gentouga : Yayoi-chan... (0:17:24.17)
Keitarou Gentouga : Wait, the hell is this?! (0:17:27.38)
Yayoi Houzuki : A jizo statue. (0:17:28.33)
Yayoi Houzuki : Featuring Eiko's pantyhose. (0:17:29.58)
Yayoi Houzuki : That she wore yesterday. (0:17:32.50)
Eiko Houzuki : Wait, Yayoi-chan! (0:17:33.96)
Yayoi Houzuki : He took it. (0:17:35.71)
Eiko Houzuki : He certainly did... (0:17:37.00)
Keitarou Gentouga : So where are we going? (0:17:39.33)
Eiko Houzuki : You know where! (0:17:41.50)
Eiko Houzuki : The same place we went yesterday! (0:17:44.38)
Keitarou Gentouga : I have eyes! (0:17:45.54)
Keitarou Gentouga : Why are we here again?! (0:17:47.13)
Yayoi Houzuki : To see her again. (0:17:49.46)
Yayoi Houzuki : I called her like crazy but she blocked me. See? (0:17:51.46)
Yayoi Houzuki : Keitaro, I need your help. (0:17:57.50)
Yayoi Houzuki : Stay with me. (0:18:01.88)
Keitarou Gentouga : S-sure, but how am I supposed to help? (0:18:03.46)
Yayoi Houzuki : Don't be humble. It's watching you now. (0:18:06.50)
Keitarou Gentouga : Wh-what the hell?! Why won't it open! C'mon! (0:18:23.75)
EXTRA : Help me... Help me! (0:18:43.00)
Eiko Houzuki : Kei-kun! (0:18:48.08)
Keitarou Gentouga : Oh, come on! It's not protecting me at all! (0:18:53.13)
Yayoi Houzuki : No, it is. (0:18:56.79)
Yayoi Houzuki : But it's pushing through it anyway. (0:18:58.92)
Yayoi Houzuki : Just goes to show how badly it wants Keitaro. (0:19:03.46)
Eiko Houzuki : Yayoi-chan, what are you doing?! (0:19:09.71)
Yayoi Houzuki : Don't worry. (0:19:11.50)
Yayoi Houzuki : This is where I come in. (0:19:12.88)
Keitarou Gentouga : Yayoi-chan?! (0:19:18.33)
Yayoi Houzuki : Hang in there, Keitaro. (0:19:19.96)
Yayoi Houzuki : You must be strong... (0:19:24.08)
Yayoi Houzuki : choose violence over resting in peace. (0:19:27.83)
Yayoi Houzuki : I'll deliver you unto an endless dream
from which you will never wake.
Yayoi Houzuki : Don't worry. Keitaro. No matter how tempting you are
to the supernatural, you'll be fine.
Yayoi Houzuki : Because I'll hunt them all down. (0:20:01.54)
Eiko Houzuki : See, everything's fine! You made it out of there alive! (0:20:12.54)
Keitarou Gentouga : What part of this is fine?! (0:20:17.21)
Keitarou Gentouga : I really thought I was gonna die there, you know! (0:20:19.38)
Yayoi Houzuki : But you didn't. (0:20:22.63)
Yayoi Houzuki : You'll be here tomorrow. (0:20:25.75)
Keitarou Gentouga : Yayoi-chan... (0:20:29.79)
Keitarou Gentouga : Wait, why do I still feel really creeped out? (0:20:33.63)
Eiko Houzuki : Kei-kun! Thanks for all your hard work today! (0:20:52.71)
Keitarou Gentouga : All that just reminded me how much
I hate dealing with the supernatural.
Eiko Houzuki : You can't fool me, Kei-kun. (0:21:02.08)
Keitarou Gentouga : Huh? What's that mean? (0:21:04.33)
Eiko Houzuki : You just have to admit it to yourself. (0:21:06.79)
Eiko Houzuki : Really think back on what happened... (0:21:09.17)
Eiko Houzuki : Because I saw it again yesterday. (0:21:12.13)
Keitarou Gentouga : Fine, I'll make the call! (0:21:15.54)
Eiko Houzuki : You said one thing, but your actions
betrayed how you really felt inside.
Eiko Houzuki : Kei-kun... (0:21:29.79)
Eiko Houzuki : love to feel fear. (0:21:33.00)
Keitarou Gentouga : N-no way... (0:21:38.00)
Keitarou Gentouga : I'm trying to change. (0:21:41.83)
Keitarou Gentouga : But those words caught me in their web. (0:21:44.42)
Keitarou Gentouga : As if to shake them off, I asked... (0:21:47.04)
Keitarou Gentouga : Yayoi-chan! Please tell me
you don't want to go back there.
Yayoi Houzuki : Don't need to. (0:21:53.17)
Yayoi Houzuki : Nothing's there anymore. (0:21:55.96)
Keitarou Gentouga : Huh? (0:21:58.13)
Yayoi Houzuki : Even if you went, nothing would show. (0:21:59.08)
Keitarou Gentouga : That leaves one question. (0:22:02.79)
Keitarou Gentouga : If Yayoi is so spiritually sensitive,
why does she have so much trouble finding spirits?
Keitarou Gentouga : If I had to guess... (0:22:13.04)
Keitarou Gentouga : Maybe... (0:22:15.50)
Keitarou Gentouga : ...the spirits themselves are trying their best to avoid her. (0:22:20.58)
Yayoi Houzuki : Kodoku. (0:22:26.88)
Keitarou Gentouga : "Kodoku"? You mean, like, the word for "lonely"? (0:22:28.33)
Yayoi Houzuki : No. (0:22:31.67)
Yayoi Houzuki : Kodoku is made by putting lots of poisonous bugs
in a jar and letting them fight.
Yayoi Houzuki : Whatever survives gets made into poison
to curse someone else.
Yayoi Houzuki : I have lots of friends. (0:22:47.21)
Keitarou Gentouga : O-oh. Well, if you ever need anything, just ask, okay? (0:22:50.38)
Keitarou Gentouga : The cherry blossoms, painted with moonlight, (0:22:57.67)
Keitarou Gentouga : reflected in her haunted eyes, seemed to pull me in, (0:23:01.00)
Keitarou Gentouga : beckoning to me, drawing me ever closer. (0:23:04.88)
Keitarou Gentouga : That spring would forever be etched into my memory... (0:23:10.33)
Keitarou Gentouga : the season where she and I came to meet. (0:23:13.33)
EXTRA : To exorcise the curse plaguing his hand,
Keitaro heads to the shrine headed by his grandmother.
EXTRA : But in that sacred location, his affliction seems to attract
beings that are even more ghastly.

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