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Princess Tutu Image
Series ID 100100
Media Type Anime
English Title Princess Tutu
Romaji Title Purinsesu Chuchu
Furigana Title ぷりんせすちゅちゅ
Japanese Title プリンセスチュチュ
Japanese Studio Name ハルフィルムメーカー
English Studio Name Hal Film Maker
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags ( Add ) drama, fantasy, metafiction, romance
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 199
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Story & Information -

Anime – Ahiru/Duck is a young duck who spots a young man dancing by the river and falls in love with him. A man named Drosselmeyer gives her a pendant to allow her to become a real human girl as well as the magical Princess Tutu. Without this pendant she is reduced back to a duck. Princess Tutu has but one mission; restore the pieces of her prince’s heart. Standing in her way are Princess Kraehe a servant of an evil crow who wants Mytho’s heart and in love with him. And at first Mytho’s guardian and friend Fakir also tries to stop Princess Tutu but his reason was to protect Mytho.

Manga – The manga story line differs slightly as a young ballet student named Ahiru Arima thinking she’s late for ballet school gets there early due to her alarm being off. But as she gets there she sees Mytho a boy from her class there practicing. She then meets his guardian another classmate Fakir who warns her to stay away. On her way home she spots a beautiful Tutu in the window of a shop and meets the owner a woman named Edel. For being her first customer Edel gives her a pendant. Later when she spots Mytho in trouble she transforms into Princess Tutu and saves him and gives him a piece of his heart back. She later learns her pendant shows her when she’s near other shards. Princess Kraehe a servant of an evil crow who wants Mytho’s heart to use as a sacrife to bring evil to the world and she’s also in love with Mytho and fears he will abandon her if his heart is restored. At first Mytho’s guardian and friend Fakir also tries to stop Princess Tutu but his reason was to protect his childhood friend.

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Princess Tutu


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