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Earth Maiden Arjuna | 21 hits

Earth Maiden Arjuna Image
Series ID 100101
English Title Earth Maiden Arjuna
Romaji Title Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna
Furigana Title ちきゅうしょうじょアルジュナ
Japanese Title 地球少女アルジュナ
Japanese Studio Name サテライト
English Studio Name Satelight
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags science fantasy, magical girl
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 52
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Earth Maiden Arjuna

Story & Information -

Juna was just an ordinary high-school girl, right up until the day she died in a motorcycle accident. But there, in the twilight of death, she saw the future of the barren earth destroyed by the Raaja, and was offered a second chance at life if she would stop them. Now she must learn to cast aside her thoughtlessly destructive ways and face her destiny as the Avatar of Time, the one being who can decide the fate of the planet.


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The powerful twinkie count...

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