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Akira Image
Series ID 100358
Media Type Movie
Title Akira
English Title Akira
Romaji Title Akira
Furigana Title あきら
Japanese Title アキラ
Japanese Studio Name 東京ムービー新社
English Studio Name Tokyo Movie
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating
Genre Tags ( Add ) cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, thriller, seinen, action adventure
Release Date
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DB Links ( Add ) MyAnimeList
Character Popularity * 180
Watching Watching Beanbabes[ 1 ] Watched Sephiroth1963[ 1 ] hooner[ 0 ] squidrobber[ 0 ] Osukaru-sama[ 0 ] Kashiyuka[ 0 ] Sado_Fan[ 0 ] Steve_Freeling[ 1 ] WAK_ATAK00[ 0 ] bloodygalalelle[ 1 ] Kozue_Nagashima[ 0 ] Interested kingtheory[ 0 ] Johtorival[ 0 ]
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A super sensational animation that shook the world with its visualization by Katsuhiro Ootomo himself

"AKIRA" first began serialization in Young Magazine (Kodansha) in December 1982. This comic with its creative worldbuilding has spread its name not only in Japan but also overseas, and remains one of the masterpieces in the history of manga, recording astounding figures in sales of books and character goods, and succeeding in worldwide sales.

The original author, Mr. Katsuhiro Ootomo himself directed the film, which took 3 years to make and cost 1 billion yen overall- this was an unheard of amount of time and effort for general animation at the time, and in 1988, making full use of the greatest animation techniques, the world-famous theatrical animation "AKIRA" was born.

Centered on the top-secret "Akira", modern politics and religion are intertwined, and the energy of youth bursts into the mix, the scale growing ever larger. In addition to the unpredictable storyline, each shot is meticulously drawn like a miniature painting, and the speedy action scenes that leave no time to breathe are stunning. Finally, the theme of the film is the wish for 'rebirth' after destruction...

"AKIRA" is not only a magnificent science fiction anime, but also a passionate human drama.

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