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She's a troublesome monster.

- Kotori Itsuka
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Suikoden II | 51 hits

Suikoden II Image
Series ID 101635
English Title Suikoden II
Romaji Title Gensou Suikoden Tsuu
Furigana Title げんそうすいこでん
Japanese Title 幻想水滸伝II
Japanese Studio Name コナミ
English Studio Name Konami
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags rpg
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 1443
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Suikoden II

Story & Information -

Suikoden II(幻想水滸伝II) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation video game console and the second installment of the Suikoden video game series.
The story takes place years after the events of the original Suikoden and centers around an invasion by the Kingdom of Highland of the City States of Jowston. The player controls a quiet protagonist, who is the adopted son of Genkaku, a hero who saved the City-State of Jowston in a war against Highland years ago. The protagonist and his best friend, Jowy Atreides, each gains one half of the Rune of the Beginning , one of the 27 True Runes of the Suikoden setting and become caught up in the intrigues of the invasion and the dark fate of those who bear the halves of that Rune.

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Suikoden II


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10 10 Star Review of Suikoden II by carlosxuyu

A very good game and story of the franchise

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She's a troublesome monster.

Kotori Itsuka
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