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Angels in the Court  Image
Series ID 103387
English Title Angels in the Court
Romaji Title Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi
Furigana Title こおとのなかのてんしたち
Japanese Title コートの中の天使達
Japanese Studio Name ピンクパイナップル
English Studio Name Pink Pineapple
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags hentai, volleyball, sports
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 111

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Story & Information -

Being a visual novel, Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi has characteristically minimal gameplay; it does however incorporate elements similar to a simulation game.

Each girl is equipped with four stats: fitness, technique, tactics and combination.[5] Periodically between scenes, the player is given the chance to coach a specific girl; the offer can, however, be declined. One-on-one coaching increases a specific character's stats while, usually at the end of certain scenes, the player trains the entire team at once.[6]

Scenes are composed of sequential story and character interactions which flow consecutively until the player is presented with actions or responses to choose from. As choices are intricately linked to alternating routes of plot, the direction of the story is changed, leading to erotic scenes between characters and ultimately one of various endings. In order for the player to watch all the possible endings in this regard, he or she will have to effectively replay through the game several times, all the while making different selections.

Ou Motoura is a Japanese, former national men's volleyball player and celebrity, single, independent, and employed at the fictional Aota Academy as a coach for the boy's volleyball team. When a member is expelled for fighting, the group dissolves, leaving Motoura to transfer to the girl's team instead. The exchange a sullen, unwanted one, with his reputation as a sportsman on the line, Motoura swallows his pride and takes up their training. It is only afterward, however, that he begins to develop feelings for them.

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