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Junk Land The Animation Image
Series ID 103890
Media Type OVA
Title Junk Land The Animation
English Title Junk Land The Animation
Romaji Title Janku Rando Ze Animeishon
Furigana Title ジャンク ランド ゼ アニメイション
Japanese Title ジャンク ランド ゼ アニメイション
Japanese Studio Name ピンクパイナップル
English Studio Name Pink Pineapple
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags ( Add ) hentai
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 34

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This Hentai is based on the erotic manga by Shimimaru which consists of 10 stories
1. Omae to Atashi no Escape
2. Omae ni wa Atashi ga Oniai da
3. You Behind the Viewfinder
4. Benkyou suru yori Baka ni naru
5. Sexy Stream
6. Shikaeshi Kids
7. Bishoujo Tantei Chouraku no Kiki
8. Kochira koso Yoroshiku
9. Shiryou ja Shikata nai ne? (For the Data, Okay?)
10. Meitei Free Time

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