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If we slash that guy with all our might,

- Xin
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Sekirei: Pure Engagement | 30 hits

Sekirei: Pure Engagement Image
Series ID 104162
English Title Sekirei: Pure Engagement
Romaji Title
Furigana Title せきれい~Pure Engagement~
Japanese Title セキレイ~Pure Engagement~
Japanese Studio Name セブン・アークス
English Studio Name Funimation Entertainment
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 1124
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Sekirei: Pure Engagement

Story & Information -

Here I have separated all the characters by region:
Section 0: North City (Main charters), miscellaneous.
Section 1: MBI: Mid Bio Informatics employees and associates
Section 2: South City
Section 3: East City
Section 4: West City
Section 100: VG Characters only
Sekirei: Pure Engagement extends Sekirei [close]


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6 6 Star Review of Sekirei: Pure Engagement by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

Sekirei~ Pure Engagement is quite good as well, it has more action, more Hiroto Minaka(the jerk you just want to push into a wood chipper), more Sekireis, and more shocking reveals!
The voice over in Pure Engagement is worth mentioning that they took a bit more creative liberties in cleaning up some of the original dialog, but I think it takes away from the emotional intensity of the scenes in question.
As the story continues, you'll most likely find yourself becoming more and more invested in individual characters, which leads me to my 2nd major complaint: The ending, or lack thereof!
To be continued…

They left it open for a sequel(3rd season), because according Wikipedia the manga is still ongoing, but there is nothing on the pipeline about a Sekirei: Final Engagement. I can only hope that they don’t plan on ending series with the final episode promising: “More thrills, adventure, and excitement…” that would just be a proverbial kick in the crotch.
Containing blood, violence, gainaxing, nudity, and a little stern language, I must give Sekirei~ Pure Engagement at least a 6.2(out of 10) Recommended as a ‘Must See’ for anyone who saw the 1st season. Good for background noise, but a little short with its 13 episodes, but great if you watch the whole series straight through.

Thank you

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If we slash that guy with all our might,

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