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LoveDrug! Image
Series ID 107603
English Title LoveDrug!
Romaji Title Kimekoi!
Furigana Title キメこい!
Japanese Title キメ恋!
Japanese Studio Name メリー・ジェーン
English Studio Name Mary Jane
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 10

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Story & Information -

Once you take it, you won't be able to stop!! This love intensifying aphrodisiac will make the girl who's out of your league and your childhood friend go into heat with hearts in their eyes!

Hajime Mukaiyama is in love with Megumi Saginomiya, who's rumored to be the most beautiful girl in school. He wants to confess his feelings to her, but he wants to be sure that she'll say yes, so Hajime asks his childhood friend, Misa Hagino, for advice.

Misa, who's the head of the science club, decides to make a Fall in Love drug for Hajime that will amplify any slight feelings the other party has. But she says that drug's basis will be Hajime's own semen. While Hajime is bewildered, Misa pulls down the zipper on Hajime's pants.

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