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Unlight Image
Series ID 107641
Media Type Video Game
English Title Unlight
Romaji Title Anraito
Furigana Title
Japanese Title アンライト~Unlight~
Japanese Studio Name
English Studio Name Techway
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags ( Add )
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 169

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Story & Information -

Awaken. Awaken.
My avidya child.
I am giving you a mission.
My flames of wrath will burn the world.
Choose your Herald.
When he returns from the Underworld, he will become the Ruler of the Dark.
However, a guide will be necessary for this world's revival.
You must follow him to where he can mend his heart, in order for him to return to the overworld.


The doll that was created had no soul. They could only do as they were told.
The heroes who were assembled had nothing but their souls. But they had my will.
The heroes were gathered for the 'saint' who longed for revenge, and they are tested.
Then, in the midst of their adventures and battles, I happen to realize the past that questions my resurrection.
Dreams that never came true, ruin I led to myself, the limit of my arrogant ambition, trampled daily life.
Within hope and despair, success and failure, my soul tried to call out 'again' in the darkness.
And in the hollow heart of the doll standing beside me, 'something' was trying to awaken.

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