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Supernatural The Animation Image
Series ID 107686
Media Type OVA
English Title Supernatural The Animation
Romaji Title Suupaanachuraru Za Animeeshon
Furigana Title
Japanese Title スーパーナチュラル・ザ・アニメーション
Japanese Studio Name 株式会社マッドハウス
English Studio Name Madhouse
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags ( Add )
Release Date
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Story & Information -

'SUPERNATURAL' has no limits! The birth of an animation work that nobody has ever seen before!

The full story of a world's-first super collaboration is finally revealed! Another journey begins for the brothers in their fight against an evil darkness─

In 2010, a wondrous phenomenon stormed onto an unprecedented stage. The world's first super project materialized as a Japanese anime studio created a complete anime adaptation of an extremely popular foreign drama series! The animation is by MADHOUSE, the world-class Japanese studio.
This studio has produced a great number of works that are highly praised even overseas, such as TV series 'NANA', 'Stitch!' and the smash hit movie 'Summer Wars' supported over a range of generations.
Masao Maruyama is serving as executive supervisor, who has led MADHOUSE for nearly 40 years. Shigeyuki Miya and Atsuko Ishizuka, two of today's most promising up-and-coming figures, have been selected to direct. This 'co-direction', rare in animated works, is a truly novel endeavor that makes this project even more innovative and striking. In addition, to ensure the overflowing development of the story is as fast-paced as foreign dramas, a team of several people, including Naoya Takayama, an active screenwriter at the forefront of the Japanese TV drama industry, will implement a relay system.

This perfect team of staff is working on an anime adaptation of seasons 1 to 2 of the live-action 'SUPERNATURAL'. Believing that their mother's death was the doing of an evil being, the Winchesters begin "Spirit Hunting" in search for the truth. Following their father John's disappearance and the death of Sam's girlfriend Jessica, the story follows the journey of brothers Dean and Sam as they continue hunting, until their fated confrontation with the yellow-eyed demon.

In 2011, from Japan to the world―. Don't miss another, powered up 'SUPERNATURAL'!
But of course, it won't be an anime adaptation that makes no changes from the live-action version. It will make full use of the medium of animation to present content freely in a way that would be impossible in live action, adding new interpretations, while the base core of the story will remain faithful to the original. Also, the story of John's disappearance, not shown in the live action, and a prequel showing Sam and Dean's childhood, inspired by American comics, will be depicted.
In addition, many anime original episodes will be included, with anime original enemies, and supporting characters from the live action version introduced as featured characters. While preserving the original's worldview, everything in the 22 episode series will be created new.

For people experiencing 'SUPERNATURAL' for the first time in anime, they will be able to have pure enjoyment of the shocking and innovative action series, and for people who've already seen the live action version, it will be a series that can infinitely deepen their understanding of the 'SUPERNATURAL' world.
For fans of the live action, and anime fans, each can be satisfied by this first-rate work of entertainment, 'SUPERNATURAL THE ANIMATION'.
Sam and Dean, the characters most interesting to fans, will have the charm from their live action versions fully adapted in their designs. Their voice casting will also be the same as the live action version (from season 3), played by Yuuya Uchida and Hiroki Touchi.
On the other hand, John, Bobby and other important sub-characters have been redesigned as anime originals.

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