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Devadasy Image
Series ID 107688
Media Type OVA
English Title Devadasy
Romaji Title Sousei Seiki Devadashii
Furigana Title そうせいせいきデヴァダシー
Japanese Title 創世聖紀デヴァダシー
Japanese Studio Name グリーンバニー
English Studio Name Green Bunny
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags ( Add )
Release Date
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Story & Information -

The year is 2012 AD. Humanity is suddenly attacked by alien life-forms flying in across the globe, and is in a crisis on the verge of extinction. In the face of this enemy's mighty force, it seems everyone is helplessly reaching their hour of destruction-
Within this brutal situation, a 15-year-old boy, 'Kei Anno', spends his days burdened by depressed sexual urges and is apathetic about everything without knowing why. His childhood friend 'Naoki Matsudo' gives him a pep talk every day, but he still can't find an outlet for his melancholy heart.
Then one day, Kei meets a beautiful woman, 'Misako Takashina', downtown who invites him to join the organization 'SPIRITS', which aims to 'fight against the alien lifeforms and create a bright future'. SPIRITS is a research institution mostly made up of scientists, trying to train young people to oppose enemy lifeforms. And Takashina is one of SPIRITS' chief members.
Although SPIRITS has government authorization, to ordinary citizens they're suspicious, but Kei is attracted by the words 'You don't have to go to school', and casually decides to join.
Naoki, who has a secret crush on Kei, also joins SPIRITS solely because she wants to be near him.
And so, after arriving at the SPIRITS base, Kei and the others enter the dormitory on the premises and undergo aptitude tests and acclimatization training. Based on the results of these tests, each of their assignments were determined.
To Kei's delight, for some reason this dorm was full of only girls. Among them, Kei meets a beautiful brown-skinned girl, 'Amara', and is strongly attracted to her. However, Amara is not a trainee, and her true identity is a mystery.
Eventually, the training ends and Kei is given a mission. The mission is to board a giant humanoid battle machine called the 'Devadasy' and fight the enemy lifeform.
This Devadasy is piloted by one male and one female. And the other pilot is, surprisingly, that Amara girl.
Kei is dumbfounded by this unexpected turn of events.
However, the Devadasy and Kei actually have a hidden deep connection. The Devadasy is not something created by modern science. It is a historic relic so to speak, excavated in the mountain district of Tibet, where civilization flourished in prehistoric times. And the person who unearthed the Devadasy 20 years ago was Kei's grandfather, the renowned archaeologist 'Eichi Anno'. Dr. Anno was also the person who predicted the attack of the aliens based on old manuscripts, and he made efforts to found 'SPIRITS'.
Kei is confused, but as if guided by fate, he boards the Devadasy with Amara. Takashina and the others entrust the future of humanity to them, while Naoki watches on with mixed feelings.
As their thoughts intertwine, the Devadasy finally launches into battle, challenging the enemy life form―.

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