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La Tale Image
Series ID 107705
Media Type Video Game
Title La Tale
English Title La Tale
Romaji Title Tokimeki Fantajii Ra Teeru
Furigana Title
Japanese Title トキメキファンタジー ラテール
Japanese Studio Name
English Studio Name Actoz Soft
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating E10+ - Everyone ten and up
Genre Tags ( Add )
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 33

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Once upon a time.
On a continent called Jiendia, there was a mysterious people called the 'Del Tribe'. They had mystical powers and amazing abilities, and were respected by everyone.

However, it is said that the 'Demon King', who feared the power of the Del Tribe, used the evil demons Agasura and others to destroy them.

Time passes...
In this peaceful era on the continent of Jiendia, a rumor has spread about a certain girl.
The girl's name is 'Iris Ivier'
She is the last descendant of the supposedly extinct Del tribe, and has been traveling around the continent of Jiendia with her friends.
Nobody knows the purpose of her journey.

After you see a vision of Iris fighting against the Demon King, you see Iris on a stone monument in the starting town, Belos, and hear her message.

"I need your help. ...Please find me. You must find me."

What in the world is happening on the continent of Jiendia?
And what was Iris trying to tell you?
As you venture across the continent of Jiendia and follow the 'Stones of Iris' in various locations, the mysteries hidden in this world, and your purpose, will gradually become clear.

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