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Daisuki na Mama Image
Series ID 107725
Media Type OVA
Title Daisuki na Mama
English Title My Beloved Mother
Romaji Title Daisuki na Mama
Furigana Title だいすきなママ
Japanese Title 大好きな母
Japanese Studio Name ティーレックス
English Studio Name T-Rex
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags ( Add )
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 18

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Story & Information -

Miyuki plays the role of an exemplary mother in front of Yutaka.
But as she is violated by Yutaka's friend of the same age, Masato, day after day, her instincts as a woman begin to develop.
As Miyuki is pressured into being ----ed by Masato every day, right next to the sleeping Yutaka, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and in the changing room, her body can no longer stand to be without semen.
As is commonplace, Miyuki is blindfolded in the living room and has a vibrator shoved up her ass.
But when the blindfold is removed, Yutaka is right there...!?

Akira, who often goes to Saori's house as a private tutor to help his cousin study, has a faint crush on his aunt Saori.
One day, unable to repress his emotions, Akira pushes Saori down and desperately demands her body.
Immediately after inserting himself into Saori, Akira almost ejaculates and shows a sad expression, but Saori accepts him and leads him gently.
When Akira cums inside her, Saori gets caught up in Akira's passionate feelings, and they repeat the act many more times, with her eventually begging to be creampied herself...

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