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TSF Monogatari Image
Series ID 107883
Media Type OVA
Title TSF Monogatari
English Title TSF Story
Aliases Takumi ga Seitenkan Shite Fuck Sare Makuru
Romaji Title TSF Monogatari
Furigana Title TSFものがたり
Japanese Title TSF物語
Japanese Studio Name ピンクパイナップル
English Studio Name Pink Pineapple
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags ( Add )
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 15

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Story & Information -

-"I've become a girl"
Takumi Musashino, a male student, suffers from a rare disease of unknown cause.
His life is saved thanks to gene therapy, but somehow, his body becomes female!
And then, when Takumi dresses up in cute clothes and shows them off to his male classmates, they fall in lust with his appearance......!?

-"Girls' Period"
Takumi loses her virginity and awakens to the pleasures of womanhood.
One day, Takumi orgasms from masturbation and is shocked to find her fingers covered in blood!
Anri, who rides the train to school with Takumi, tells her that she is having her period and that now she's become a real girl.
But then, a man's hand reaches between Anri's thighs...... And when Takumi tries to help Anri, the man extends his evil grasp out to her too......!?

-"Lewd Banquet Trip"
Anri is hospitalized to undergo surgery......
1 month later, Takumi is living a life smeared in pleasure.
She goes to a hotel with the usual pervert from the train to school!? Not only that, but the molester invites her on a hot spring trip where she can have all the sex she wants for three days and two nights......!?

-"Takumi, Anri, and..."
When Takumi finds out she's pregnant, she stops going to school and uses her body to cover the costs of living expenses and childbirth.
Today, she gets into the vehicle of a man she arranged to meet and has car sex with him.
Then, that night she goes to a luxury hotel where Anri is waiting for her! Takumi is shocked when she sees Anri without her clothes on!?

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