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Animal Crossing
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In Animal Crossing, new friends and surprises await you every day. Whether you're the mayor himself, an interior designer, or simply new to the city, Animal Crossing is always very charming. Animal Crossing is based on the popular free gameplay, so it's a game without any restrictions. There are no goals, no story, not even an ending - instead, you can shape your life in the new town however you want. Since the time in the game matches the time in the actual world, every day brings new experiences! You can make your own designs, go shopping, dress up, place furniture in your house interior, since New Horizons you are even able place those items outside and even design your island with the addition of the Island Designer. There are multiple games such as:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf:
You accidentally become the new mayor of a town due to a mistake of the secretary Isabelle. Your new powers will allow to shape the town according your desires. You can issue construction orders to have buildings, bridges or decorative objects made, or issue an town ordinance to determine how your town is managed. This gives you all the freedom to create the town of your dreams!
You are also able to travel to an far away island to fish, catching bugs or just to play minigames with your friends locally or online!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons:
Just over the horizon it waits: the new, carefree life on your paradise island! A luxurious flight separates you from your very own, completely uninhabited piece of land, where new friends, wild discoveries and a great future await you.
Your island is more than just a piece of land: here you can get creative and design everything you see! Clay, wood, stone and all kinds of other materials are your tools for building equipment, furniture and other great things that make your little island a treasure that the whole sea is talking about!

In the Spin-off Happy Home Designer the player becomes and interior designer and creates dream houses for the animals across the town.
Let your creativity run wild and interpret the customer's wishes according to your ideas, but also use the favorite pieces that the customer already owns.
Players are even able to design the public facilities in the town which contains a school, a hospital, shoppingcenters, a concert hall, a hotel and even restaurants.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
In the different recreation areas you will meet animals that need your help. They are looking for fish, fruits or other things for their camping adventure. Surely you can help them!
Even as you explore your new surroundings, you'll have opportunities to fish or pick fruit. Maybe you'll get your hands on the very things your newest animal friend wants so badly! If you give those to them, they will certainly thank you in return with some building and craft materials.
You also have your very own Campground which you are able to decorate and invite animals over you met on your journeys when you've got enought points with those.


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Animal Crossing Image
Series ID 108162
Media Type Video Game
Title Animal Crossing
English Title Animal Crossing
Aliases AC
Romaji Title Doubutsu no Mori
Furigana Title どうぶつのもり
Japanese Title どうぶつの森
Japanese Studio Name 任天堂
English Studio Name Nintendo
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating E - Everyone
Genre Tags ( Add ) life simulation game
Release Date
Links Home Page Link 2 EN Wiki JP Wiki Trends History Compare Anime
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Character Popularity * 783
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Animal Crossing
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Animal Crossing

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