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Digimon Ghost Game Image
Series ID 108192
Media Type Anime
Title Digimon Ghost Game
English Title Digimon Ghost Game
Romaji Title Dejimon Goosuto Geemu
Furigana Title デジモンゴーストゲーム
Japanese Studio Name 東映アニメーション
English Studio Name Toei Animation
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating
Genre Tags ( Add ) action, adventure, comedy, fantasy
Release Date
Links Home Page EN Wiki JP Wiki Trends History Compare Anime
Character Popularity * 4
Watching Watching ShinyShinigami[ 54 ] Miky94[ 51 ]

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Story & Information -

They're right by your side

Just a little further into the future, a new technology has been developed.
On social networks, dubious rumors of a mysterious phenomenon called 'hologram ghosts' are flying around.

1st year junior high school student Hiro Amanokawa activates a mysterious device called 'Digivice' left by his father, and as a result he is able to see unknown creatures that are invisible to ordinary people―― 'Digimon'.

His father entrusts to him a mischievous Digimon, 'Gammamon', and from that day forward, Hiro becomes involved in a variety of strange happenings.

The 'Sewn-lip Man' that steals time from people, and the 'Mummy Man' who wanders around every night and kidnaps people.......

The Hologram Ghosts are right next to us, and they're out to get us.

What follows is a story of the hidden side of the world that no one knows.
Together with Gammamon and his friends, Hiro steps foot into the mysterious world where Digimon live.

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