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Kirara Fantasia Image
Series ID 109063
Media Type Mobile Game
Title Kirara Fantasia
English Title Kirara Fantasia
Romaji Title Kirara Fantajia
Furigana Title
Japanese Title きららファンタジア
Japanese Studio Name Drecom, Meteorise
English Studio Name ドリコム, メテオライズ
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags ( Add ) gacha, crossover, rpg
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 3734

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Etoilia, the joyful and prosperous land governed by the goddess Sola.

Towering at the heart of this land is "The Tree of Words". At the top of the Tree lies the Temple, which shines radiant light. With the power to observe other worlds, the goddess Sola noted the everyday lives of the people living in those worlds.

The books she had written are referred to as "The Scriptures", which are loved by the people, and became an object of worship. The Scriptures recorded various tales, and through reading them, the people were able to acquire the source of life force, "Crea".

With the Goddess as the center, the world was full of "Crea", and Etoilia sustained a great period of peace.

However, that peace had suddenly collapsed and crumbled away.

The Goddess Sola was sealed away by a certain someone.

With the Scriptures becoming dull and fading in significance, the "Crea" on this world is gradually diminishing. Among this anomalous situation, one person and one creature rose up.

"Lamp" and "Match", who once were servants in the Temple, set off on a journey in order to rescue the Goddess...

By seeking after the legendary summoner.

(Source: MangaDex)

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