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Chobits Image
Series ID 1258
English Title Chobits
Romaji Title Chobittsu
Furigana Title ちょびっつ
Japanese Title ちょびっツ
Japanese Studio Name ジェネオン・ユニバーサル・エンターテイメント
English Studio Name Geneon Universal Entertainment
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags romantic comedy, sci-fi
Release Date
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Story & Information -

(Warning: Spoilers)
The series centers on the life of Hideki Motosuwa, a held-back student attempting to qualify for university by studying at Seki prep school in Tokyo. Besides a girlfriend, he dreams of having a persocom: an android used as a personal computer, which is expensive. On his way home one evening, he stumbles across a persocom in the form of a beautiful girl with thigh-length hair lying against a pile of trash bags, and he carries her home, not noticing that a disk fell on the ground. Upon turning her on, she instantly regards Hideki with adoration. The only word the persocom seems capable of saying is "chii", thus he names her that. Hideki assumes that there must be something wrong with her, and so the following morning he has his neighbor Hiromu Shinbo analyze her with his mobile persocom Sumomo. After Sumomo crashes during the attempt they conclude that she must be custom-built.

Shinbo introduces Hideki to Minoru Kokubunji, a twelve-year-old prodigy who specializes in the field of custom-built persocoms. Minoru's persocoms, including Yuzuki, a fairly exceptional custom-built persocom, are not able to analyze Chii either, and thus they conclude that she may be one of the Chobits, a legendary series of persocoms rumoured to have free will and emotions. Although this is a possibility, Minoru is confident that it is only rumour. Yuzuki also adds that she does not resemble any persocom model in any available database and so she must be custom made after all.

A major part of the plot involves Hideki attempting to teach Chii words, concepts, and appropriate behaviours, in between his crammed schedule of school and work. At the same time, Chii seems to be developing feelings for Hideki, at an emotional depth she is not supposed to possess, and Hideki struggles with his feelings for her. The need to figure out more about Chii and her mysterious functions and past becomes a pull for the characters in the series.

Hideki's feelings intensify for Chii regardless of her being a persocom and despite his friends' painful experiences involving other persocoms. Chii becomes aware of her purpose through a picture book series called A City with No People which she finds in a bookstore. The books speak about many different things involving human and persocom relationships: persocoms and their convenience as friends and lovers, how there are things that they cannot do and questioning whether a relationship between a persocom and a human is really one-sided. It also speaks about the Chobits series; that they are different from other persocoms, and what they are incapable of doing unlike other persocoms. These picture books awaken Chii's other self, her sibling Freya who is aware of their past and helps Chii realize what she must do when she decides who her "person just for me" is. Together, Chii and Hideki explore the relationship between human beings and persocoms, as well as their friends' and their own. (source: Wikipedia)


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3 3 Star Review of Chobits by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

I enjoyed Chobits much more the 1st time I saw it long, long ago in a land far, far away… I just viewed it again and all I see is flaws, so bare with me. Chobits is a cute story about a country farm boy, who moves to Tokyo to attend a college prep school. Our farm boy, Hideki, is voiced (EN dub) by Crispin Freeman in his most over the top winy voice ever, strike one. After realizing that he can never afford a Persocom(humanoid computer) he stumbles across one lying in the garbage. Once activated, she seems to have no memory, OS, or communication skills. A blank slate if you will, though not uncommon in anime. I like these scenarios: A cute, kind hearted female lead, who’s distressed and/or injured and needs help. She’s not a natural moron, she’s either: not of this world; injured; and/or in this case has her memory erased. Either way with some time, patients, and effort she should recover. In the mean time, this scenario makes for some smashing good comedy.
Getting back to it, Hideki has his new friend Shinbo take a look. He can’t find anything wrong with her or any info on her either, as she can only sit there and say: Chii, so this becomes her name. Shinbo refers Hideki to a persocom expert friend of his, Minoru. After Minoru takes a look, he’s just as baffled, and the legend of the Chobits are explained.
With no more plot spoilers lets get to it… As I stated before this is a cutesy tale, just a little too much at times. Chii is cute, but not nearly as much as all the characters make her out to be. All the characters are designed with big plain dull eyes, this does not bode well with me. It makes them look empty, hollow, and soulless.
There is some character development, but I’d say that it is limited to Shimbo, Yumi, and the landlady… everyone else is either one-deep or very predictable. Then there is Chii's bizarre picture books that tell a story using only 5 pronouns and are read by Chii in that monotone voice. I just found that to be vague repetitive drivel.
The music of the series follows the same path cute, too cute, and far too repetitive. We can’t forget the cliché of all cutesy anime: Everyone must always “Do their best!” I think I should wrap this one up real quick before all the Chobits fans out there mobilize, grab their torches and pitchforks, and lay siege to my home for completely alienating them.

So with no blood, violence, or foul language to speak of, and just a few adult themes Chobits has earned a 2.6(out of 10) Recommended for viewing by those who like anime in which a dumphy fellah has a cute girl quite literally fall out of the sky to make things awkward and interesting, or those who enjoy a light romantic comedy… light on the romance, light on the comedy. Mostly, not bad… not great, but not bad.

Thank you

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