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Colorful Wish ~12ko no Majikyun!~ Image
Series ID 1308
Media Type H-Game
Title Colorful Wish ~12ko no Majikyun!~
English Title Colorful Wish ~12ko no Majikyun!~
Romaji Title Colorful Wish ~12ko no Majikyun!~
Furigana Title カラフルウィッシュ~12コのマジキュン!~
Japanese Title カラフルウィッシュ〜12コのマジ★キュン!〜
Japanese Studio Name 戯画
English Studio Name Giga!
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags ( Add ) magic, school, winter, female students, adv
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 224
Watching Stopped collena[ 0 ] Interested Manaboi5[ 0 ]

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