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Burst Angel | 74 hits

Burst Angel Image
Series ID 1482
English Title Burst Angel
Romaji Title Bakuretsu Tenshi
Furigana Title ばくれつてんし
Japanese Title 爆裂天使
Japanese Studio Name メディアファクトリー
English Studio Name Media Factory
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags yuri, cyberpunk, mecha, sci-fi, girls with guns
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 678
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Burst Angel

Story & Information -

Burst Angel (爆裂天使) is a Japanese animated television series directed by Koichi Ohata, from a screenplay by Fumihiko Shimo. It was produced by the Gonzo animation studio.
Burst Angel takes place in the near future, after a rise in criminal activity forced the Japanese government to allow citizens to possess firearms and establish the Recently Armed Police of Tokyo (RAPT). The series follows Kyohei Tachibana, a culinary school student who dreams of becoming a pastry chef, and the band of mercenaries he works for.




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4 4 Star Review of Burst Angel by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

Burst Angel is complicated series that compiles many different elements together in a harmonious bend that could never work on paper, but seems to, seamlessly. Bare with me, and I’ll try to explain… The opening theme is blend of rock(in both Japanese and English) and integrated 3D animation, that really grows on you. The characters, though seen before: calculating boss; buxom dolt; fearless gunslinger; and sly computer genius loli, somehow all work complementing each other. Now I’m not a fan of Mecha, or mecha-themed series, but this one works, must be the 3D animation. Burst Angel, has a seamless bend of 2D to 3D in the fight sequences that makes it awesome!
However this show is not all wine and roses, Meg… the loud, weak, winy, useless woman type bugs me but not nearly as much as Gainaxig, (it’s real, and it’s horrible) the exaggerated drawing of and/or animating the more buxom characters. It makes me shudder. All that combined makes this good background noise… I’d give this series a 3.86, easy!

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