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Back Stage Image
Series ID 1553
Media Type H-Game
Title Back Stage
English Title Back Stage
Romaji Title Bakku Suteeji
Furigana Title バックステージ
Japanese Title BackStage -バックステージ-
Japanese Studio Name ザ・ジョリー・ロジャー
English Studio Name TJR
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags ( Add ) romance, drama
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 80
Watching Stopped collena[ 0 ]

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Mitsuaki wants to be an actor. One day, he joins a theatrical group, Back Set. The boss of the group is Kyouka, a stage director, and she is a little bit odd. Members come and go.... "It's hard to lead the group...." She tries hard to gather members and somehow makes it, a voice actress, an idol singer, and a dancer. Kyouka says to Mitsuaki, "Mitsuaki, I want you to be a cast leader. Well, take care of other members." He is surprised to hear that, but he does his best...

葛木光明(かつらぎ みつあき)は俳優を目指す青年。
ある時、知り合いの演出家・水鏡京香(みかがみ きょうか)に誘われて、劇団『バックセット』の一員となるのだった。







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