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Body Manipulation Image
Series ID 2077
Media Type H-Game
Title Body Manipulation
English Title Body Manipulation
Romaji Title Nikutai Sousa
Furigana Title にくたいそうさ
Japanese Title 肉体操作
Japanese Studio Name オールタイム
English Studio Name ALL-TiME
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating
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Release Date
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Character Popularity * 83

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Story & Information -

"I've woken up――"
An academy 3rd year, Kazuki Hayazaki- an ordinary boy and our protagonist, has his life changed completely after he meets a certain woman.

"What I obtained is 'Interpersonal Psychokinesis'――"
It's the ability to meddle with any target 'body' you aim at.
In the beginning it was only an insignificant power, but after discovering the mechanism to strengthen his ability, Kazuki's mischief gradually escalated.

"The road to rape――"
Then a 'certain incident' occurred, and dark feelings began to squirm in Kazuki's heart.
In a flash it dominated his heart, and he set out on the path to rape, beyond the point of no return.

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