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Secretary x Secretary Image
Series ID 2090
Media Type H-Game
Title Secretary x Secretary
English Title Secretary x Secretary
Romaji Title Hisho x Hisho
Furigana Title
Japanese Title ひしょ×ひしょ
Japanese Studio Name ゆ〜かりそふと
English Studio Name yuukari-soft
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating
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Release Date
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Character Popularity * 61
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In the season when boiling heat continues――
Returning home from staying 1 week away for his part-time job, Daisuke has unexpected visitors waiting for him.
An old person wearing a tailcoat and a stern man in a black suit.
The old person has an unreadable expression. And gives him a business card.

"? ...Shinomiya Zaibatsu, that famous..."

It was the same name as a large company whose commercials are shown on TV every day.
To sum up the 'butler''s story, apparently I'm head of 'Shinomiya Zaibatsu', Masatsuna's, grandchild.
Furthermore, now according to that Masatsuna's wishes, in selecting the zaibatsu's successor, I meet the qualifications so they want me to participate in the race to become head. That's what he said.

"W-why is someone like me a candidate... I never even heard I had a grandfather"
"Your father and the old man have gotten along poorly since he was a child..."

The sudden development shakes me up, but I'm moved by the chance that I might become company president.
(Wait, calm down. There shouldn't be anything this too-good-to-be-true. And I still don't know if that story about the zaibatsu is real...)

"For now we don't have time, so we'll give you the rest of the story on the way"
The old person snaps his fingers. By the black suit's hands, I'm pushed into an enormous car.

―― And then
We arrived in Karuizawa. At, a truly high-class looking estate.
I asked and it seems this surrounding area of about 10000 tsubo of land is owned by the zaibatsu.

(What the heck, I've come all this way, for now I guess I'll go with it...)
(At any rate, it seems interesting-!)

"If I think I can't handle it, I can just let them know right away..."

However, refusing wouldn't be so easy......

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