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Tentacle and Witches Image
Series ID 2121
Media Type H-Game
English Title Tentacle and Witches
Romaji Title Tentakuru ando Wicchazu
Furigana Title テンタクル アンド ウィッチーズ
Japanese Title Tentacle and Witches
Japanese Studio Name リリスミスト
English Studio Name Lilith Mist
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags ( Add )
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 149
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Story & Information -

Two witches are violated by tentacles for the unfortunate protagonist!? That's just loving tentacle SEX!!

In this latest Lilith Mist release, two witches, Lily (the assailant) and Yuuko-sensei (the protector) make every effort for one of the unluckiest protagonists in the history of eroges who unfortunately became an erotic tentacle monster, in a "school love corruption ADV that starts with tentacles"!!
The two witches, Lily and Yuuko-sensei, who smelled the devilish sperm odor emitted by the tentacled monster (*note: the protagonist), are cursed to be the protagonist's H prisoners (always in heat)!! This means at school, at home and at Yuuko-sensei's residence, it's all eros all the time!!
In addition to the shameless SEX using the tentacle monster's invisibility skill and the tentacle-ridden sex that stuffs MY tentacles into their wombs, there are plenty of erotic situations such as the loving, passionate SEX that carves the human protagonist's di*k into their wombs, intense blowjob SEX, plenty of tits, and even tiny breasts!!
In this game, you will be able to have passionate sex full of emotion with two witches!! The player can take either the "Lily Route" or the "Yuuko-sensei Route" depending on their choices. Also, as the story progresses, the hero gets caught up in a variety of things, such as sorcerers and witch warriors who are active behind the scenes in the world. Will the hero be able to successfully connect with the heroines......!?
Planned and written by Ittousai Sasayama (formerly Sasa@), scenario by Ryuu Matsumoto, eros support provided by Frame and ZEQU, and the original artwork by Nagisa Aoi, who is making his debut with Lilith, bringing as much blonde and tan flat-chest tits as possible to Lilith Mist!!

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