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Haptic Device! Magical Girl Hikaru Image
Series ID 2254
Media Type H-Game
English Title Haptic Device! Magical Girl Hikaru
Romaji Title Shoku Sou! Mahou Shoujo Hikaru
Furigana Title
Japanese Title 触装!魔法少女ヒカル
Japanese Studio Name ブラックリリス
English Studio Name Black Lilith
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags ( Add )
Release Date
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Story & Information -

Secret organization bent on world domination, Maki hero and George, were busy as a traitor from the Monster association Nemesis.
Centered members Phantom fused with magic organism human with excellent physical fitness intelligence, mystics association Nemesis is engaged in a variety of sabotage and crime by the power of the variant.

While being a younger brother of the real leader of Nemesis, the hero, he was betrayed and organizations brother for the sake of justice.

And taking out (in-gel) Nemesis was developing, magic organisms that can be morphed to haunt the human body, the hero, was trying to counter the organization in its power.

But, man is used, there is a risk of monsters are deprived of reason at a high probability, only covet and desire pleasure in gel.
In addition, those who no special proper woman in use, transformation can be, but it becomes a puppet that is yet riding awareness to the boss of the organization, was fallen evil.
While escape from Nemesis, the protagonist of the girl's fit - was looking for a presence without evil fell even after in-gel transformation, someone to be a magical girl of justice.

Led by the in-gel, which is also the magic organisms have the will, the hero, comes prestigious school in the "Holy British girls high school."
Among the students who attend there, there may be some girl made ​​me fight with him, and fit's in-gel.
But, that is, it would be to involve the bloody conflict with the Nemesis, a girl not of the nothing.

Hero at a loss.
However, regardless of such a thing, Phantom of the Nemesis appears, I hit the girls of unrelated School.

In order to protect the girls, hero fight Phantom and transformed in-gel, but will be likely to be taken over by the consciousness before referring to a stop, it would solve the transformation.

Hero that prepared for death.

But, one of the girls is hero was trying to protect, transformed into a magical girl in-gel is Hikaru Yuki, it would defeat the Phantom.
Hikaru what, it was a present that may be have been attracted to each other in the gel, the magical girl of justice.

While I think the main character, does not want to fight a winding Hikaru, to persuade that it might me become a magical girl.
Hikaru while surprise, I ask about the relationship and the continuous sexual assault kidnapping is happening in HijiriEi girls high school and monster.
The number of victims is five people, three people are missing out, was not what terrible trauma for two who were found, but it had gotten sick mind.
One sick mind is also a friend of Hikaru, I had harbored anger and to the criminal, the fear of the perpetrator can not be found.
Is compatible in-gel probably girls, the main character, is described with is to put the in-gel force by being kidnapped, and he was breaking the heart, or became a puppet organization.
In anger deprived of friends, Hikaru, decides to fight as a magical girl.

Hikaru take you to your own inner hero with no place to go in only to be chased by Nemesis.
The kindly consented that hero freeload, Live life Magical Girl basis is he starting in the form of hero dive into the lives of two people mother and daughter mother of Hikaru, is Yuki Asuka, but ...! ?

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