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Love, Election and Chocolate Image
Series ID 2520
Media Type H-Game
English Title Love, Election and Chocolate
Romaji Title Koi to Senkyo to Chokoreeto
Furigana Title こいとせんきょとチョコレート
Japanese Title 恋と選挙とチョコレート
Japanese Studio Name スプライト
English Studio Name sprite
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating A - Adult
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Release Date
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Character Popularity * 288
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Story & Information -

"Then why doesn't one of our club members run for the position and win the election?"

Yuuki Oojima wants to fall in 'love', and Chisato Sumiyoshi hates 'chocolate'.
The two childhood friends are second-year students at 'Takafuji Private Academy', a mega-school boasting over 5,000 students.
Along with their classmate Mifuyu Kiba, who has been their friend for a while, they are members of the Food Research Club (aka the FRC).
Even though it's called Food Research, they just consume sweets purchased with club funds and don't do anything fitting of the name. It's the most pointless of pointless clubs.
Nevertheless, it was an irreplaceable place for the club members to share good times with their friends.

However, a crisis comes to the FRC.
Satsuki Shinonome, the leading candidate for the next student body president election, has made a pledge to cut down on the flood of do-nothing clubs.
The FRC in particular is named as a club to be disbanded.
The members of the club try to come up with a plan to avoid getting shut down, but it's too late to accomplish anything now, and things are hopeless.
What they finally came up with was a plan to win the election against Satsuki and shut down her pledge.

Chisato urges Yuuki to run, but he shakes his head, saying there is no chance.
But although he resists his childhood friend's unreasonable request, he ends up doing it anyway.
At first, Yuuki has no motivation, but as he sees the other club members working hard, and the way Michiru Morishita, who joined the club halfway through the year and does not show much emotion, shows her love for the FRC, his feelings change.

At the same time, as he happens to get to know Isara Aomi, his junior who is an economics scholarship student, he hears from her the problems of the school.......
The only way to protect their club activities and reform the school is to become the student council president.
The determined Yuuki starts a serious election campaign with his friends――

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