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Bamboo BladeFall, 2007 Anime | 2007/10/01 | ビクターエンタテインメント | Victor Entertainment | Episodes | Blogs


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Bamboo Blade

Go Back Ten Genshiken 2 Ningyou-Jou no Houkigami Bamboo Blade Bamboo Blade ef - A Tale of Memories. Blue Drop ~Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku~ Go Forward Ten
Bamboo Blade


Bamboo Blade (Anime)

Fall, 2007 Anime | Episodes

Bamboo Blade Image
Series ID 759
English Title Bamboo Blade
Romaji Title Banbuu Breedo
Furigana Title ばんぶーぶれーど
Japanese Title バンブーブレード
Japanese Studio Name ビクターエンタテインメント
English Studio Name Victor Entertainment
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags slice of life, sports, comedy
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 15
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Extra Info

Directed by Hisashi Saitou
Number of Episodes 26
Origin Manga

Story & Information -

Note: Bamboo Blade is one of those... an anime that has an anime within it.
I have included as best I could in the following order:
Section 1: All Super Sword Squad: Blade Braver characters form the live action movie and animation.
Section 2: All live action Cosmo 13 characters/players.
Section 3: All misc. anime characters within the anime.


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Cosmo One
Yellow Braver
Red Braver
Blue Braver


Death Armor


Silver Braver

Main Character

Toraji Ishida
Yuuji Nakata
Cosmo Five
Cosmo Four
Cosmo Three
Cosmo Two
Danjuro Eiga
Kirino Chiba
Miyako Miyazaki
Azuma Satori
Sayako Kuwahara
Tamaki Kawazoe


Karen Nishiyama
Shinaider~ Actor
Yuuri Andou
Red Braver~ Actor
Maya Yokoo
Akemi Asakawa
Kenzaburo Ishibashi
Frightened Schoolgirl
Konatsu Harada

Sub Characters



Rated Anime

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4 4 Star Review of Bamboo Blade by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

Bamboo Blade was great fun for me, but then I’m a fan of Kendo. This is the classic tale of the troubles and tribulations of the struggling Muroe High School Kendo team. The story begins with only one remaining member: the super happy/hyper Kirino Chiba. The 3rd year students’ ruff, bullying nature chased off all the other club members, while their waning enthusiasm towards kendo keeps them from attending anymore. Here is where the story begins…
Based on a bet made with his sempai to easy his negative cash-flow problem, Toraji Ishida has only a few weeks to throw together an elite all girls kendo team. Of course, giving that initially he only has Kirino, things start off looking pretty grim.
The OST is not very memorable; neither is the opening/ closing credits.
The plot, though stretched a little at times, is a rather well written with a believable slice of life theme. There is no shortage of comedy, but don’t anticipate any ROFWLAWL.
Character design is very good, for most characters… I still wonder where the design for Donnie came from. Miya thinks he looks like a pangolin, Carrie insists he resembles her pet armadillo, Anderson, but he’s really shaped more like one of those Russian Matryoshka dolls. So with a few exceptions (5) character design is quite fine.
All of the main characters have a rich back story, so it’s quite easy to be swept up in it. They all really run the gambit such as: dedicated otaku; bipolar, artistic perfectionist; even their oblivious flaky instructor has good cause for being the way he is.
All and all, I found Bamboo Blade to be excellent background noise in any language, so I give it a 4.3(it would be higher but I try to keep my final rating unbiased) containing mild violence, I recommend viewing for any fan of kendo, shikendo, or any other form of sword fighting.

Thank you

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