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Rio Kinezono

VA : Yuka Imai

  • Image of Chihiro Enomoto
  • Image of Kaoru Kiryuu
  • Image of Arisa Uotani
  • Image of Alice McCoy
  • Image of Ayame Fudo
Rio Kinezono

VA : Amanda Winn Lee

  • Image of Rei Ayanami
  • Image of Yui Ikari
  • Image of Momiji Fujimiya
  • Image of Gido
  • Image of Yukiko Amagi
Rio Kinezono

VA : Julie Ann Taylor

  • Image of Taiga Fujimura
  • Image of Mutsumi Otohime
  • Image of Ichigo Morino
  • Image of Milly Ashford
  • Image of Natsuki Komiya
Rio Kinezono

VA : Megumi Toyoguchi

  • Image of Mami Takeuchi
  • Image of Yuzuki Fujimura
  • Image of Mils Brinberg
  • Image of Kirino Chiba
  • Image of Chiaki Shinoda
Lilica Evette

VA : Mamiko Noto

  • Image of Kotomi Ichinose
  • Image of Sakuya
  • Image of Mitsuki Shijyou
  • Image of Reiri Kamura
  • Image of Sayoko Mishima
Maya Jingu

VA : Rie Kugimiya

  • Image of Kamyu
  • Image of Shanon
  • Image of Flame Haze Shana
  • Image of Eleonore Klein
  • Image of Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere
Maya Jingu

VA : Sandy Fox

  • Image of Maho Kazami
  • Image of Sumomo
  • Image of Lyra Ross Reitel
  • Image of Flonne
  • Image of Kurumi
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