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Remi Barberin

VA : Masako Sugaya

  • Image of Mary Amelia Ingalls
  • Image of Marie Therese d'Autriche
  • Image of Christopher Peeper
  • Image of Remi Barberin
Mrs Milligan

VA : Reiko Mutou

  • Image of Olli Baxter
  • Image of Uran (Astro Girl)
  • Image of Mrs. Barry
  • Image of Maya
  • Image of Charlotte de Polignac

VA : Noriko Ohara

  • Image of Oyuki
  • Image of Miime
  • Image of Doronjo
  • Image of Ryuzu
  • Image of Conan

VA : Yousuke Kondou

  • Image of Vitalis
Arthur Milligan

VA : Yoshiko Yamamoto

  • Image of Mizuo Isshu
  • Image of Arthur Milligan
Benjamin Acquin

VA : Noriko Hara

  • Image of Kintaro Isshu
  • Image of Teruko Takemura
  • Image of Jackie
  • Image of Benjamin Acquin
  • Image of Ganmo

VA : Chie Sato

  • Image of Claudina
  • Image of Prudence Plumm
  • Image of Victoria Winstrate
  • Image of Otane
  • Image of Masae
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