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Mato Katori

VA : Shizuka Itou

  • Image of Akeno Himejima
  • Image of Meiko Shiraki
  • Image of Bianca
  • Image of Frolaytia Capistrano
  • Image of Wilhelmina Carmel
Hikari Kohinata

VA : Eri Suzuki

  • Image of Sanae Higashihongan
  • Image of Eren Kohagura
  • Image of Milinda Brantini
  • Image of Elizabeth Greenhough-Smith
  • Image of Mita Kenshi
Ai Ninomiya

VA : Saori Oonishi

  • Image of Ais Wallenstein
  • Image of Eriri Spencer Sawamura
  • Image of Non Toyoguchi
  • Image of Maya
  • Image of Doppel
Makoto Ninomiya

VA : Yuichiro Umehara

  • Image of En Yufuin
  • Image of Sniper Mask
  • Image of Goblin Slayer
  • Image of Teika Ichijoji
  • Image of Himekawa Izumi
Futaba Ooki

VA : Ai Kayano

  • Image of Lalatina Dustiness Ford
  • Image of Atago
  • Image of Shiro
  • Image of Mamako Oosuki
  • Image of Mashiro Shiina
Kino Kohinata

VA : Kikuko Inoue

  • Image of Scheherazade
  • Image of Mirelia Q. Melromarc
  • Image of Captain Qoone
  • Image of Miria
  • Image of Sorceress

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