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RamRol97 Yesterday 12:45 am

Jellyfish Can't Swim in the Night

Shibuya is a city full of identity. It is here on Shibuya’s late night streets that illustrator Mahiru Kozuki, former idol Kano Yamanouchi, Vtuber Kiwi Watase and composer Mei Kim Anouk Takanashi — four young women who are slightly outside the world — join together and form an anonymous artist group called JELEE. “I” also want to shine like someone else. If it's not me but “we” then we might be able to shine.

(Source: Sentai Filmworks)
RamRol97 Apr 18, 2024


Three struggling sisters attempt to survive in a desolate world surrounded by decay and red fog. In the mysterious world, the sisters must navigate the new world around them and keep themselves safe from danger.
RamRol97 Apr 17, 2024

Highspeed Etoile

Ever since he first achieved consciousness, Man always had a need for speed. Whether it's the footraces in ancient Olympia or the high-octane thrills of NASCAR and Formula 1 today, racing has always been about pushing the limits of velocity and triumph. The progression of racing, from ancient chariot competitions in Rome to the revolutionary advancements seen in events like the Indy 500 and the European Grands Prix, has left a lasting impact on the world of competitive sports.

In the near future, at the Osaka Expo, a groundbreaking energy solution, the "Hybrid Performance Exceed Reactor" (HyPER), was introduced. This sustainable power source would swiftly integrate into the auto racing community, giving rise to the esteemed NEX Race, marking a revolutionary chapter in the realm of this sport. Here, state-of-the-art vehicles fueled by HyPER would race on advanced, hi-tech circuits. The introduction of the "Revol Burst" booster technology, leveraging HyPER's full potential, would raise the competition in NEX Race to unparalleled levels.

During its inception, the NEX Race was exclusive to men. However, this changed when Alice "The Queen" Summerwood made history by breaking barriers and inspiring more women to participate in the competition. The current reigning champion of the NEX Race is the renowned Lorenzo "The King" Salvatore, who has achieved five consecutive championship victories, showing his dominance in the sport.

Enter Rin Rindo, a young Japanese girl whose aspirations of becoming a ballerina were squashed after sustaining an injury. She shifted gears to the realm of gaming, where she quickly rose to fame for her exceptional abilities in racing games, breaking world records with her precise and skillful maneuvers. Suddenly finding herself immersed in the fast-paced world of NEX Race, Rin sets out on a fresh adventure as a novice racer for V-ZEN Racing. She is joined by fellow newcomers Kanata Asakawa and Towa Komachi of Izanami Racing, who welcome her with open arms and camaraderie.

Rin is about to face tough challenges in the NEX Race. Will she achieve racing glory against all odds? Or will she stumble against tough competition? The stage is set for a thrilling tale of speed, courage, and redemption in the fast-paced world of Highspeed Etoile.
RamRol97 Apr 17, 2024

Muteki Robo Trider G7

The story follows sixth-grader Watta Takeo's life as he balances his school life, being the president of a company, and battling a robotic empire from outer space. While a Super Robot series at heart, it depicts a real world take on the genre, such as announcing to nearby citizens that Trider G7 was being activated and as having to consider the monetary expenses of battle.
RamRol97 Apr 14, 2024

Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan

Uramichi is a 31-year-old host on a kids’ show who leads exercise routines and teaches life lessons colored by one main theme: Adulthood sucks. Alongside mascots played by a couple of bushy-tailed twentysomethings and a singing duo whose music embodies the notion of being kicked while you’re down, Uramichi wades through the misery of working life, one sardonic comment at a time…

(Source: Kodansha America)
NatsumiSawada Apr 9, 2024


After being aggressively rejected, Momo Ayase finds herself sulking when she stumbles across a boy being bullied. Saved by her rash kindness, the alien-obsessed boy attempts to speak to her about extraterrestrial interests he believes they share. Rejecting his claims, Ayase proclaimed that she instead is a believer in ghosts, starting an argument between the two over which is real.

In a bet to determine who is correct, the two decide to separately visit locations associated with both the extraterrestrial and the supernatural—Ayase visiting the former and the boy visiting the latter. When the two reach their respective places, it turns out that neither was wrong and that both aliens and ghosts do exist.

This marks the beginning of Ayase and the boy's adventure, as they attempt to fix the surreal, supernatural, and extraterrestrial elements around them to return to a normal life.

[source: MyAnimeList]
RamRol97 Apr 5, 2024

Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters


Eren’s titanic Rumbling claims thousands of lives beyond the walls of Paradis, and the boy who once lived in fear of the Titans becomes the world’s most feared man. Determined to stop the destruction wrought by their childhood friend, Armin, Mikasa, and their surviving comrades reach the Attack Titan and decide to face him head on in an ultimate showdown. Will humanity finally be set free from the cycle of fear, oppression, and destruction, or will the Titans outlive their victims?

(Source: Kodansha America)
RamRol97 Mar 29, 2024

Haruta & Chika

Haruta and Chika are members of their high school wind instrument club that is on the verge of being shut down because there are only four members. The two are childhood friends that got split up but reunited nine years later, and they spend their days studying and also trying to recruit new members. When a mysterious event occurs within their school, they band together in order to solve the mystery.
RamRol97 Mar 29, 2024

Rental Magica

Due to his father's disappearance, Itsuki Iba has to take over the family business: a magician dispatch service. Their family employs countless magicians and other supernatural beings in order to send them out to help those who need magical assistance. As a leader, Itsuki now has to be tough, commanding, and reliable, but there's one problem, he's a coward. Also, in order to run a successful business, he must connect with his employees, which is more difficult than it seems due to his personality. But not only does he have to deal with his own employees, he also has to deal with those who threaten the family business.

(Source: Crunchyroll)
RamRol97 Mar 28, 2024

That Is the Bottleneck

Employees at a convenience store seem to be wrapped up in something that customers don't notice.
RamRol97 Mar 28, 2024

Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Crime-ridden Ikebukuro is a safe haven for violent gangs but it is home to Makoto Majima; to protect his friends, this charismatic troubleshooter mediates disputes among the warring factions - even fixing problems the police can't.
RamRol97 Mar 28, 2024

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki 2nd Stage

The tutorial phase is over!

After finishing the busiest summer of his life, Tomozaki is ready to get back to school. He may not always agree with Hinami’s approach, but he’s still working to find the best strats for clearing the game of life. His first challenge of the new semester: to influence none other than Erika Konno, one of the scariest girls in class! As a reigning queen bee, she’s decided the school sports tournament isn’t cool enough to care about, and she’s dragging everyone else down with her...Can Tomozaki be the one to change her mind?

(Source: Yen Press)
RamRol97 Mar 27, 2024

Oshi no Ko 2


Tensions are running high on the set of the Tokyo Blade theatrical adaptation—though not in the way anyone expected! Surprisingly, Kana and Akane are managing to keep their longstanding rivalry purely professional; in fact, the amount of talent onstage is motivating all the actors to do their very best. But there’s someone who isn’t thrilled with the direction things are headed, and she’s the one person whose opinion matters most: the original manga creator!

(Source: Yen Press)
RamRol97 Mar 27, 2024

Days with My Stepsister


When his father remarries, Yuuta Asamura winds up sharing a roof with a brand-new stepsister, who is also the hottest girl in his grade! But Yuuta and his new sister, Saki Ayase, have no delusions—they both carry trauma from their parents’ difficult divorces, and they agree to keep a respectful distance. As it turns out, however, the two have a lot in common, and slowly, cautiously, they grow closer. But is the emotion blooming between them simple admiration, familial love, or something more?

(Source: Yen Press)
RamRol97 Mar 27, 2024

Dahlia in Bloom

After dying of overwork in Japan, Dahlia is reborn into a world filled with magic. Raised by a master of magical toolmaking, she develops a passion for the craft and becomes engaged to her father’s apprentice. Before her father can see her wed, however, he suddenly passes away. As if this weren’t enough, on the day before their wedding, her fiancé announces that he’s in love—but not with her! Dahlia finally realizes she needs to live for herself. She vows to be her own woman from now on and devote herself to her craft, even if it’s not quite the quiet life she was hoping for! From a chance encounter with a knight to starting her own company, there are challenges aplenty on the horizon. But this young craftswoman is no longer a shrinking violet—she’s Dahlia, and she’s ready to bloom.

(Source: J-Novel Club)
RamRol97 Mar 27, 2024

Delico's Nursery

Dali Delico is an aristocrat from the prestigious Delico family and an elite member of the Blood Pact Council who has a promising future.

He is ordered to carry out a certain mission by the Blood Pact Council, the highest governing body of vampires, but Dali flatly refuses.
When Gerhard, Dino, and Henrique, who are frustrated fellow members of the Diet, go to try to persuade Dali, they find Dali cradling a young child himself.

Meanwhile, a mysterious series of murders targeting vampires occur in the streets. There seems to be some sort of past connection between Dali and the anti-social organization Pendulum, which is believed to be the mastermind.

''With all our blood and pride, let's show that we can achieve both duty and child-rearing!"

A tale of noblesse oblige childcare struggles by vampire aristocrats.
Will it be possible to balance the splendid Gothic world with the careless child-rearing that takes pride in?

(Source: Official Site, translated)
RamRol97 Mar 27, 2024

The Elusive Samurai

After the massacre of his family by the traitor Ashikaga Takauji, Tokiyuki flees with the help of a handful of loyal retainers who have also survived the purge. One of them is Suwa Yorishige, an ally of the Hojo clan and lord of Suwa Province. The slightly odd Yorishige also claims to be clairvoyant and foretells that Tokiyuki will one day become the ruler of Japan. But for the moment, escaping from enemy territory is the priority!

(Source: Viz Media)
RamRol97 Mar 27, 2024

Nanare Hananare

"The feeling of wanting to cheer someone on... where does it come from?"

Six high school girls with diverse hobbies, skills, and personalities. Each carrying their own worries, they run, shout, collide, daydream... When the pure desire to support aligns, their cheers resonate in the hearts of those involved. The support of these six high school girls from Gunma might just change the world a little bit?

(Official plot description)
RamRol97 Mar 26, 2024

Plus-Sized Elf


Massage therapist Naoe gets an unusual visitor to the Smiley Boar clinic: Elfuda, a beautiful elf from another world who’s addicted to junk food! As Naoe works with Elfuda to help her lose her excess weight so she can return home, he starts to realize that there are other fantastical creatures with epic curves in desperate need of his help.

(Source: Seven Seas Entertainment)
RamRol97 Mar 26, 2024

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

Based on the original webcomic from Amahara (Interspecies Reviewers), this edgy fantasy manga with new art from coolkyousinnjya (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) has been adapted into an anime!

It’s been eight hundred years since the powerful Idaten deities sealed away the demons who plagued humanity. To the foul-mouthed Hayato, a young deity, the story is mostly a myth. There’s just not much to do as he and his generation watch over humans in peace. But when the seal on the demons breaks, it’s up to Hayato and his oddball compatriots to come to humanity’s rescue! Can these misfit gods who know nothing of war rise to the challenge, or is a demon threat in a messy mortal world too much to handle?

(Source: Seven Seas Entertainment)
RamRol97 Mar 26, 2024

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

En route to school one spring day, Tomoya Aki meets the girl of his dreams amid the dancing cherry blossom petals. But his bliss is soon crushed with the realization that the girl on the other end of his fateful encounter is none other than his boring, bland wallflower of a classmate! Now Tomoya, an aspiring video game developer, is on a mission: turn this dull damsel into the heroine of a dating sim...or bust!

(Source: Yen Press)
RamRol97 Mar 26, 2024

Scum's Wish

Mugi and Hanabi are the perfect high school couple...but their relationship is built on a single shared secret: They're each in love with someone else.

(Source: Yen Press)
RamRol97 Mar 25, 2024

The Grimm Variations

A series of 6 dark and edgy stories based on the famous tales of the Brothers Grimm. These are not your childhood classic tales.
RamRol97 Mar 25, 2024


Inspired by the popular video game series, this anime series is a dark medieval fantasy. It follows the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, Trevor Belmont, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hands of Vlad Dracula Tepes. As Dracula and his legion of vampires prepare to rid the world of humanity's stain, Belmont is no longer alone, and he and his misfit comrades race to find a way to save mankind from the grief-maddened Dracula.
RamRol97 Mar 25, 2024

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Pit must battle against a revived Medusa, aided by the goddess Palutena, who gives him the ability of flight.
RamRol97 Mar 25, 2024

Terra Formars

After humanity’s first manned mission to the Red Planet was lost, a second expedition arrives. The explorers prepare to exterminate the cockroaches that were used to transform the Martian environment, but are shocked to discover that the insects have mutated into giant, aggressive humanoids with one overriding goal—exterminate the humans! However, this crew of explorers has each undergone the “Bugs Procedure,” terrifying experimental surgery designed to make them more than human…

(Source: Viz Media)
RamRol97 Mar 25, 2024

Vatican Miracle Examiner

The story follows two men, Hiraga Josef Kou and Roberto Nicholas, who work for the mysterious organization The Seat of the Saints, an element of the Vatican dedicated to investigating alleged miracles; during their work, they usually find themselves involved in mysterious murder cases, which they often end up investigating.

Eventually they cross paths with Galdoune, an ancient organization that secretly aims to control the Vatican and since the Middle Ages is involved in obscure alchemic and scientific experiments in search of a way to reach immortality.
RamRol97 Mar 24, 2024

Hozuki's Coolheadedness (Series)

In the afterlife, there exists Heaven and Hell. Hell consists of the Eight Greater Hells and the Eight Cold Hells, which are further divided into 272 subdivisions. Spearheading the seemingly endless, multifarious affairs in this gargantuan Hell is but one Fierce God, King Enma's first aide, Hozuki. Between this cool-headed sadist and his colorful band of peers, every day is a riot in Hell! And though this book might make Hell seem like a happening place, please try to behave during life!

(Source: Kodansha America)
RamRol97 Mar 24, 2024

Sisters of Wellber

On the first season, Rita, the princess of the Kingdom of Wellber, stabs her sadist betrothed, Prince Gernia of Sangatras, and flees the city together with Tina, a feisty cat burglar who has given her refuge and offered to hire on as her bodyguard. Rita must travel on a secret diplomatic mission to the remote Kingdom of Greedom in a last-ditch attempt to prevent a full-scale war between Wellber and Sangatras.
RamRol97 Mar 22, 2024

I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too


A mysterious door stands open, inviting a boy who’s been brutally bullied all his life to take a courageous step forward into the unknown. On the other side, he finds a hoard of priceless artifacts and a world as filled with magic as it is with monsters. The most shocking revelation, however, is that he can bring whatever he wants back with him when he returns to Earth. It won’t be long before this double life changes him forever...

(Source: Yen Press)

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