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RinaK May 13, 2024

Athrun Zala

After the Second Battle of Jachin Due he defects to Orb, and supports Cagalli who became Chief Representative. He was present in the top secret meeting with Durandal as her guard, attending at Armory One. Publicly he currently goes by the pseudonym, 'Alex Dino'.
Rei Feb 4, 2024


Quotes that can not be assigned to a character for various reasons, end up assigned to Ephidel.
NatsumiSawada Jan 12, 2024

Isaac Netero

The Chairman of the Hunters Association and Chairman of the Selection Committee for the Hunter Exam.
Presiding over it, he had final authority over every stage of the examination.
Netero was also the Grand Master of the Shingen-Ryu style of Kung fu.


RamRol97 Jan 4, 2024

Kinjin Ichigaya

He is the boss of Diamond Studio, an entertainment company. He is a well-known producer with a lot of media exposure on TV and in magazines. On the other hand, he is known as a spendthrift, and his old colleagues have given up on him because he talks about other people's achievements as if they were his own.

Eventually, his company went bankrupt and he disappeared from public eyes.

He makes an appearance in the "Another Layer" anime, during the 1999 Arc. In this story, he was arrested for charges of fraud.
RamRol97 Nov 27, 2023

Echo 2

A strange individual Mamoru encountered during his time leap to 1985 in Layer 8 of the "Another Layer" anime. She works for Echo Soft, a small game company. It is hinted that she could be an alien, along with Echo 1.
RamRol97 Nov 27, 2023

Echo 1

A strange individual Mamoru encountered during his time leap to 1985 in Layer 8 of the "Another Layer" anime. He works for Echo Soft, a small game company. It is hinted that he could be an alien, along with Echo 2.
RamRol97 Nov 7, 2023

Senri Koyama

One half of twins who are in high school when they came to Alcohol Soft. She was hired by Kaori along with her sister under the impression that they are going to be "idol writers".
RamRol97 Nov 7, 2023

Mari Koyama

One half of twins who are in high school when they came to Alcohol Soft. She was hired by Kaori along with her sister under the impression that they are going to be "idol writers".
RinaK Nov 5, 2023


An immortal 1028 years old woman, who has lived a long life for a long, long time. Despite living for so long, Ootafukuko is carefree and innocent, akin to a child. She loves food and is very good at cooking okonomiyaki and sharing happiness through food.

Ootafukuko is the protagonist of the shorts Borderless Happiness and also the mascot of the sauce company Otafuku.
RamRol97 Oct 25, 2023

Mamoru Rokuta

The 10-year-old son of Masaru. He has been using the PC-9801 since he was 3 years old, and learned assembly before he learned hiragana . He works as a programmer for Alcohol Soft as a "family job", and is proud that the programs he creates are perfect. He has been an intelligent ace since elementary school.

He serves as the deuteragonist of "Another Layer", where, in this parallel universe, he is a 15-year old middle school student.
RamRol97 Oct 13, 2023

Toya Yamada

The boss of a bishoujo game company called "Shooting Star" who sees Alcohol Soft's Meiko Uehara as a business rival. She used to have a dark personality and a plain appearance (long straight hair and glasses), but she has been going around to the editorial departments of bishoujo game magazines and has been engaged in sales activities that can be described as obsessive, such as making sales tricks with her own color.
RamRol97 Oct 11, 2023

Toya Yamada

This is the "Another Layer" version of Toya Yamada. She is a shy girl who is interested in bishoujo games. She has long hair and glasses. After meeting Konoha Akisato, she comes to adore her.

(In the original doujinshi, Toya was the boss of a rival game company who has twin-tail hair and is rather well-endowed. There, she sees Meiko Uehara as her rival.)
RamRol97 Oct 11, 2023

Konoha Akisato

The main protagonist of "16bit Sensation: Another Layer".
An illustrator from the year 2023 who has a huge affinity for cute girls and bishoujo games. She is a struggling employee at a small game studio called "Blue Bell". She has huge dreams of creating the greatest bishoujo game of her career.

One night, as she was opening a mysterious package full of retro bishojo games, she gets transported to the year 1992, when bishoujo games are starting to become the next gaming hit. She then stumbles upon Mamoru Rokuda, who works at a small game company called "Alcohol Soft". Thus, her story with her newfound workmates from the past begins...
RamRol97 Oct 11, 2023

Kiyoshi Gomikawa

Known to his workmates as "Kyonshi", he is the chief writer of Alcohol Soft. A fan of pro wrestling, he is always seen wearing a wrestler's mask.
RamRol97 Oct 11, 2023

Masaru Rokuta

The boss of Alcohol Soft and Mamoru's father. He is in charge of game planning and music composition (seeing that he used to be in a band).
catto Aug 27, 2023

Chuuya Nakahara

Chuuya Nakahara (中なか原はら 中ちゅう也や, Nakahara Chūya) is a member of the Port Mafia as well as Dazai's former partner in Twin Dark. He is one of the five Executives in the Port Mafia. He has the Ability named "Upon the Tainted Sorrow".
NatsumiSawada Aug 10, 2023

Elda Hairitter

Essenbaum's largest, in other words the world's largest theater, "Golden Theater". To stand on stage at this theater is the greatest honor for a performer, and she is their popular star dancer boasting number one. So far being a dancer has been her top priority, and she's avoided associating with men, but when she meets the protagonist, Would it be good to get married and have a baby? she begins to wonder.
RamRol97 Jul 7, 2023


The Shadows are a group of people who directly serve the various monarch of various nations and are not a monolithic organization, as they are employed by other groups, like the Church of the Three Heroes.

The Shadows aren't supposed to be able to be told apart, so they have no individual names and wear uniforms that concealed their individual genders. They are essentially a kind of "secret service" mostly under direct service of sovereignty; acting as assassins, intelligence, bodyguards, messengers, and spies.
RinaK Jun 27, 2023

Mitsuko Takayanagi

In her early 30s. Wife to Ichiro and mother of Achan. She moves to the Takayanaki family estate from Tokyo when her husband desides to return to the area of his birth after several years of marriage. Her husband's family is so powerful they nearly own the small village. She gives a bath to her father in law Tomizo, after this him blackmails her. Her husband has very little time for his daughter and none for his wife, as a result she feels lonely and neglected. Over time the indifference of her husband and the abusiveness of her father in law leads her to crave more time with her brother in law.
RamRol97 Jun 24, 2023

Elie MacDowell

Elie is the granddaughter of Crossbell City's mayor who joins the police force for a mysterious reason. Well versed in politics and economics, and one of the representatives of Crossbell's Autonomous Region. She has an honor student-like personality, is skilled with firearms, and utilizes an old fashioned orbal gun that can transform into an orbal rifle as her main weapon.
NatsumiSawada Jun 18, 2023

Shuuji Hanma

He has 'sin' tattooed on his left hand and 'punishment' on his right. He has a habit of saying "how dull".
Jonas10 May 4, 2023

Nanami Kuribayashi

Nanami Kuribayashi is a reporter looking for news regarding the Special Region on the other side of the Gate that appeared at Ginza, Japan. She is also the younger sister of Shino Kuribayashi, a Sergeant First Class officer of the JSDF.
RinaK Apr 11, 2023

Ryuuko Matoi

A girl who transferred to Honnouji Academy.
She has one side of a huge Scissor Blade, and is searching for the other side.
RinaK Feb 24, 2023

Filia Shiora

Filia Shiora is the knight and party leader. She has an older sister who practices alchemy.
tecchinn Feb 11, 2023

Hyung-Seok Park

Park Hyung-Seok is the main protagonist of Lookism. He is a student at Jae Won High School's Fashion Department. He can transfer his consciousness between two bodies at will.
tecchinn Feb 11, 2023

Jae Yeol Hong

Jae Yeol Hong is a supporting character in Lookism. He is a student in the fashion department at Jae Won High School.
NatsumiSawada Jan 7, 2023


He loves cute things and always maintains a bright, positive attitude.
Aniahmator Dec 28, 2022

Vivian Wong

1melco Dec 21, 2022


Habitat: Volcanic regions, graveyards, Demon Realm
Disposition: Ferocious, bold, selfish
Diet: Carnivorous, wild animals, etc.
1melco Dec 3, 2022


In Shadow Garden she is sixth of the 'Seven Shadows'. A Beastkin in charge of spying. She regularly separates from the members, bustling about alone all over the world, performing clandestine intelligence operations.

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