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Yuu Kanda is a character from the anime D.Gray-man.
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Yu Kanda (神田ユウ Kanda Yū) is a Second Exorcist, an artificial body possessing the brain of an Exorcist who died thirty years before the storyline. The Black Order launched the Synthetic Disciple Project nine years before the storyline, hoping that Second Exorcists would be able to synchronize with their original Innocence. Because of the Project, he is physically 19 years old but has only lived nine years. As a side effect, he sees lotus flowers blooming wherever he goes; when there was one flower, he was told that it was an illusion, and since then the flowers have multiplied to cover everything. So he could survive the synchronization tests, his body was created to heal much more quickly than that of ordinary humans to the point that he can recover from the Akuma's blood virus and regenerate lost limbs. This ability is connected to a variation of Om tattooed on the left side of his chest. He is quick-tempered and cold. He openly objects to the fatherly way his master General Tiedoll treats him, and he and Allen often throw insults and offensive statements at one another. Kanda refuses to die until he finds a "certain person," who is revealed to be a female Exorcist whose brain was put in fellow Second Exorcist Alma Karma.
Kanda was the second Second Exorcist to awaken. He was initially hostile toward Alma, but the two eventually became friends. Eventually, Kanda began to remember his past life; because of this he was to be terminated. Alma rescued him. Later, Alma learns the truth about the Second Exoricsts and kills the research staff. Hoping Kanda would die with him, Alma attacks Kanda but Kanda slices Alma to pieces. Alma is later revealed to be alive, and he tries to kill Kanda again. They have a terrible battle and nearly kill each other. It is eventually revealed to Allen that Alma is the woman he is looking for. Kanda finds out after overhearing Alma discussing this with Allen and Allen helps him and Alma run away together. Alma dies shortly after. Kanda's anti-Akuma weapon Mugen (六幻 Lit. Six Illusions) is an Equipment-type Innocence that takes the form of a Japanese sword. Mugen is capable of unleashing several techniques, dubbed "illusions". After battling Alma, Kanda's willingness to return the Order and be an Exorcist causes Mugen to evolve into a Crystal-type weapon. However, he has not forgiven the Order for what it has done to him and Alma and refuses to reveal the location of Alma's body. Kanda is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in the Japanese version and by Travis Willingham in the English version.

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