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岩倉 玲音 / レイン (Rein Iwakura)


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ID 15795
Wealth Pearls 1 Diamonds 1 Rubies 69
From Serial Experiments Lain
Media Type anime
Voiced By Bridget Hoffman, Ellen Arden, Ellen Wilkinson
Voiced By Kaori Shimizu, 清水香里, しみず かおり
Tags loli, hair ribbon, school uniform, bow, school crest


Lain Iwakura is a character from the anime Serial Experiments Lain.
They have been indexed as Female Teen with Brown eyes and Brown hair that is To Shoulders length.


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Lain Iwakura 岩倉 玲音 / レイン (Rein Iwakura) Image of Lain Iwakura Anime Character 10 Daughter of Miho Iwakura Daughter of Yasuo Iwakura Younger Sister of Mika Iwakura Friends with Alice Mizuki Serial Experiments Lain


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