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The network society. This is the slightly near future Tokyo.
The digital assistant NAVI, has become widespread and is as powerful a media as a television.

It's an age where it is natural to communicate with people through networks.

An age where people unconsciously shop for 'peace of mind' by 'connecting' with someone through NAVI.

Like going to spend the day in Shibuya or shopping for knick-knacks,
the girls use the mobile NAVI in a completely natural way.

Exchanging school gossip and fashion information,
for these girls, NAVI is an indispensable way to connect themselves with their friends.

A growing network of ever-increasing records and information.
Naturally they can establish different personalities from their real world selves to act in the network, and a 'race' that exists only in the network world begins to emerge.

And eventually, what emerges are those who find profit and aspiration in manipulating and controlling it.

In the Real World, and on the wires,
they begin to move....


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Serial Experiments Lain Image
Series ID 100111
Media Type Anime
Title Serial Experiments Lain
English Title Serial Experiments Lain
Romaji Title Shiriaru Ekusuperimentsu Rein
Furigana Title シリアルエクスペリメンツ・レイン
Japanese Title serial experiments lain
Japanese Studio Name トライアングルスタッフ
English Studio Name Triangle Staff
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags ( Add ) sci-fi, psychological thriller, cyberpunk
Release Date
Links Home Page EN Wiki JP Wiki Trends History Compare Anime
DB Links ( Add )
Character Popularity * 255
Watching Watching KittenAngle[ 0 ] Shauni98[ 0 ] tenkawaruri[ 0 ] nonbineymilflover[ 0 ] Watched mamori_auros[ 0 ] Osukaru-sama[ 0 ] Sucsa[ 0 ] BrookC94[ 0 ] Aleis_Ketch[ 0 ] Interested panda1991[ 0 ] ikuto_kun[ 7 ] Kyko08[ 0 ] atm1234[ 0 ]
2 0 0 0
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Nov 15, 2022

Serial Experiments Lain


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