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ID 16359
From Inuyasha
Media Type anime
Voiced By Tetsu Inada, 稲田徹, いなだ てつ
Tags facial mark
EN Voice Actor Trevor Devall
Birthday September 24
Sign Libra ♎
Uploaded by BrazilianMan

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Mukotsu is a character from the anime Inuyasha.
They have been indexed as Male Senior with Black eyes and Not Visible hair.

Mukotsu is commonly assumed to be the oldest member of the Shichinin-tai, mostly because of his elderly appearance. He first appears during a battle between the Inuyasha group and Jakotsu, releasing his poisonous gases into the valley where the battle is taking place as a way to allow Jakotsu to escape quickly and safely. Later on, Jakotsu comes across Mukotsu in the shallow forest where he is mixing up some potions and talking to himself. Mukotsu is instructed to go after Kagome and poisons her near a little hut, dragging her inside and proceeding to try and marry her. He drapes a white blanket over the half-conscious Kagome and does a little marrying ritual, singing and holding her hands. InuYasha fans and innocent onlookers alike both called this little situation "very creepy." He gets on top of her, some say in an attempt to rape her, but Kagome thinks fast and stabs him in the throat. He becomes enraged, yelling that she doesn't love him because of his hideous appearance. Kagome listens but doesn't speak, and he slaps her hard across the face. He is about to kill her when Sesshoumaru suddenly appears and slashes Mukotsu across the back.

Mukotsu and Sesshoumaru leave the hut and go outside where Mukotsu pompously attempts to suffocate Sesshoumaru with his poisonous gases, but to no avail. When Mukotsu realizes that Sesshoumaru is impervious to his attacks, he hastily drops his weapons and cowardly hides behind the bushes, pretending to surrender. Sesshoumaru approaches more, but Mukotsu suddenly draws out another weapon and blasts more gas at Sesshoumaru. This time when he surrenders, Sesshoumaru kills him on the spot with one stroke of the Tokijin. Meanwhile, Jakotsu has been watching the entire time and runs off with news of Mukotsu's death.

Mukotsu was very similar to Jakotsu in the fact that he was constantly looking for a potential partner, only in Mukotsu's case his "victims" were women. However, he couldn't stand rejection, mostly because of insecurity about his appearance. Any time a woman rejected his affections he automatically assumed it was because of looks, which was probably a large contributing factor. Another factor is that he always came on too strong.

Mukotsu had red circular markings around his eyes and near his chin.


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